Escape From Tarkov Guide: How To Increase Your Fence Reputation

As a lot of people are still not sure how to increase their Fence reputation in Escape From Tarkov, here’s a quick guide on how to do so. As a quick refresher on our deeper Scav Karma guide, remember that Scav Karma is the same as Fence reputation.


Escape From Tarkov Guide: Fence reputation

As of Patch 0.12.12, there are multiple things you can do to increase your reputation at Fence. All but two of those ways require you to do them as a scav. Below you’ll find a table of all the ways to increase Fence reputation, and further down in this Escape From Tarkov guide we’ll talk a bit about how to achieve these easily.

As a PMC:

  • Use any car extract (+0.7 rep) – Each additional car extraction nets 50% less Scav Karma (a.k.a. Fence reputation). This debuff takes a while to go away.
  • Extract with a Scav (+0.7 rep) – All maps in Escape From Tarkov have shared extractions that require a PMC and Scav to activate. Extract here to gain some rep.

As a Scav:

  • Extract as a Scav (+0.01 rep) – Extracting anywhere on any map gets you a bit of rep, just like that.
  • Kill a PMC (+0.01 rep) – Your main task is to make the lives of PMC’s harder, and you’re rewarded for it. Bonusses stack if the target killed multiple Scavs.
  • Kill a rogue player Scav (+0.01 rep) – Taking out player Scavs that killed other (player) Scavs to keep your brethren safe! Bonusses stack if the target killed multiple Scavs.
  • Killing a Scav yourself (-0.1 rep) – No Scav on Scav violence if you want to level Fence.
  • Murdering a Scav boss guard (-0.6 rep) – There guys have great gear, but they’re not yours to kill.
  • Eliminating a Boss Scav (-0.22 to -0.55 rep) – You read that right, all your Fence reputation is gone if you kill a Scav Boss.

Farming rep

In this next section, we’ll talk about some common techniques for farming reputation with Fence. Again, for all the benefits I’d like to redirect you to our full Scav Karma guide. But TL;DR is simple: it’s really useful to get him to 6.00 reputation, level 4!

Playing stealthy as a Scav isn’t the best way to farm rep. As you might have noticed from this Tarkov guide, basically all Fence reputation buffs are tied to actively killing enemies. So as the most obvious tip I can give you is: kill PMC’s and extract!

The former can be quite hard however, given your crappy gear. If you spawned late, it’s even worse as most PMC’s would’ve left by now. The latter is quite simple, just leave after filling your bags with loot. It isn’t very efficient, but you’ll want to leave regardless, so yeah, simple!

Hunting rogues

More difficult and up to chance is killing rogue Scavs. Any player Scav that kills innocent (player) Scavs is considered rogue. You should therefor pay attention to the behavior of AI Scavs. If they shoot at anything, it’s either a PMC or a rogue Scav. They’ll point targets out for you, just like that.

escape from tarkov
Study their behavior, they might give away an easy target for free!

At the risk of shooting an AI Scav and becoming rogue yourself, pay close attention to how Scavs behave. Follow one to where the shots are coming from (you could even try to coax him into following you with a gesture). Once there, hope the rogue Scav gives away his position and take him out.

Joint extract

Last but not least, shared extraction points. These are a bit tricky, as you’d need to cooperate with the enemy. Luckily with VOIP now a thing, it’s become increasingly easier to share an extract with your mortal enemy. Most players know the benefits of extracting together greatly outweigh the short term gain of a couple thousand Roubles. So just talk to people and you’ll find it quite easy to extract with them.

Beware though, that some might betray you too. It is Tarkov after all.. Also Note that only PMC’s who extract through these extractions get the reputation bonus. The player Scav does get some gear from Fence as a reward.



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