How To Find The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is the latest installment from one of our favorite genre’s, the survival horror genre. As the sequel to The Forest, Sons of the Forest challenges you to explore a mysterious island full of mutants and secrets. Players can build a camp, create traps, and craft all sorts of tools to help solve the islands mysteries and adapt to the hostile environment found on Sons of the Forest. In this article, we will show you how to find the rope gun location in Sons of the Forest. We will also give you some tips on how to use it effectively.

Also known as the grapple gun, the rope gun allows you to fire a zipline rope, which you can use to quickly scale or descend from high areas. You can also use it to access some hidden locations that contain valuable items. It can also be used to shuttle logs to your camp which is always a big help.

Rope Gun Location in Sons of the Forest

Finding the rope gun is not easy. It’s hidden deep within a perilous cave on the west side of the island. The map below shows where to find the rope gun location in Sons of the Forest.

Enter the cave on the west side of the island to find it. As you arrive at this cave entrance, you will see a marker appear on your map. You will need to prepare yourself with a strong weapon, some time bombs and plenty of courage before venturing into this cave. Break the boards to squeeze through the narrow opening and follow these steps:

  • Continue into the cave until you arrive in a large chamber.
  • Clear out any mutants that attack you then go left, further into the cave.
  • Follow the tunnel until you see a huge mutant stuck in a wall gap.
  • Grab the time bombs from nearby and use them to blow up this mutant.
  • This part of the cave is very long and filled with multiple types of enemies, continue straight
  • Go straight until you reach a stream
  • Follow this stream through the dark until you see cave passage with a light above it.
  • Go through this passage and follow another long path past three hanging bodies with rope underneath.
  • Towards the far end of the cavern you’ll see a steep slope leading up.
  • Once you reach the top of the slope you’ll see a dark passage on your left.
  • Go through this passage then take another left
  • Follow this until you reach a small passage in the wall.
  • Crouch through this passage to enter another cavern.
  • Hug the right wall and follow it until you spot some light sources in a passage on your right.
  • Enter this passage and look for a briefcase on your left. Inside this briefcase is the rope gun.
  • Use the rope gun to reach the exit of the cave or jump down

Congratulations! You have found one of the most useful items in Sons of the Forest! To use your rope gun effectively, you will need some zipline ropes. You can craft these by combining rope with grappling hooks in your inventory. You can create grappling hooks using any 3D printer.

How to use the rope gun

Once you’ve crafted some zipline ropes, equip your rope gun and aim at any surface that has an anchor point (small white dot). Press fire button (left mouse click) to shoot out your zipline rope towards that point. You can then press action button (E) while looking at your zipline rope to attach yourself to it.  You can detach yourself from your zipline rope by pressing jump button.

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