Patch 0.12.11, Escape From Tarkov introduces the first iteration of weapon malfunctions. If you’re wondering how malfunctions work, what causes them, and how to prevent it, we’ve got you covered. As part of our extensive Escape From Tarkov guide series, we’ll dive into all that, and more.

As a quick disclaimer: EFT is still in development, so anything we cover might change over time. We’ll do our best to keep all the information as up to date as possible though!

Escape From Tarkov: Weapon Malfunctions

First of all, let’s define what a weapon malfunction is. As of writing, Escape From Tarkov only features one type of malfunction: misfiring. You might experience your weapon not firing all of a sudden, regardless of if there’s still ammo in a mag or not.

When a misfire, happens you can do a couple of things, though the first time it happens you’ll probably go ‘what a misfortune’, as you stand there like a drunken Scav with a non-firing gun in your hand, about to meet your maker.

If a gun misfires, the game will notify you. You’ll probably die when in a firefight though…

Durability burn

So what causes a gun to misfire exactly? Practically speaking, every time you fire, there’s an invisible roll of the dice. Basically any gun can misfire, and how often that happens depends on the durability of a gun.

  • Durability is a statistic simulating how reliable a firearm is. This stat can range from 100 to 0, with misfires happening more often the lower durability of a gun is.
  • Durability Burn is the impact a round has on the durability of a weapon. The higher the percentage (see images below), the faster a weapon deteriorates per round fired.


How to fix a misfire

In Escape From Tarkov, there’s a few things you can do when your weapon malfunctions. Basically, everything you can do that manipulates the bolt (or slide) of a gun, clears the chamber of the misfired round. The following instructions are based on default key bindings.

  • Resolve the misfire by pressing Shift+T. This command normally checks the chamber, but if a misfired round is in the chamber, you clear it instead
  • Reloading a gun by pressing R will automatically rack the charging handle or slide to clear the chamber after a new magazine is loaded

Weirdly enough, clearing the chamber by pressing Left CTRL+R usually chambers a new round. But when a misfire has happened, that doesn’t work. In the future, BSG plans to add more types of weapon malfunctions to Escape From Tarkov. We’ll update the article accordingly!

Image credit: BattleState Games

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