How To Find The Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that challenges you to explore a mysterious island full of cannibals and secrets. One of the items that you will need to find is the shovel. Some of the island’s secrets are buried throughout the island and the only way to dig them up is with the shovel. Once you find the shovel you’ll be able to dig up hidden treasures and resources at certain locations marked by a shovel symbol on your GPS. Finding the shovel is not easy, as it’s hidden deep inside a cave near the mountains on the west side of the map. This article will help you find the location of the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

An important thing to note is that you will also need two other items before you can reach the shovel: the rebreather and the rope gun. The rebreather lets you breathe underwater, which is essential for navigating some of the submerged tunnels in the caves. You can find it in a cave on the north beach of the island. The rope gun lets you use ziplines that are scattered throughout the caves and other areas. You can find it in another cave on the west side of the island.

Shovel Location: How to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest

Once you have the two required items, you can head to the cave where the shovel is located. You can tell you are at the right place if you see three corpses on sticks outside. One of them actually has a slingshot that you can pick up too so be sure to grab that.

shovel location sons of the forest

To enter the cave, break down the boards at its entrance. Then follow these steps:

  • Go inside and look for a zipline that goes across a pit with water and skeletons.
  • Use your rope gun to zip into the next section of the cave.
  • Dive into the water with your rebreather on.
  • Swim down and follow an underwater tunnel that curves back on itself.
  • You will emerge in another section with some enemies waiting for you.
  • Fight or avoid them and follow the path until you reach a slope that will make you slide down into another pool of water.
  • Turn around and go towards the area that is lit up by some cases with more resources.
  • Grab what you need and continue onwards until you reach a large room with two dead workers in the center
  • Move on towards the right of the room
  • Continue until you reach a second large room
  • Fight or avoid the nearby enemies and move to the back of the cavern
  • You’ll then come to a second section that requires the rebreather
  • Swim through the underwater cave
  • Next you’ll see a tunnel, follow it until you see a dead worker holding the shovel
  • Pick it up and celebrate!


To exit this cave, you will have to backtrack through most of it until you reach a point where some rocks will explode off a wall to your left, creating an opening for you to escape. Blow up the large mutant with an explosive and be on your way.

Congratulations! You have found the shovel in Sons of The Forest! Now you can use it to dig up more goodies around the island!

Image Credit: Endnight Games

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