How to Install Sifu Mods: Neo, Bruce Lee, Batman and More

In today’s quick guide we’ll talk about how to install mods for Sifu safely and with the ability to get back to vanilla. Later on in the article, we’ll also highlight some of our favorite mods and overhauls that are available now. And if you want more information on the actual game, we’ve got a guide for that as well.

How to install Sifu Mods

Fundamentally, installing mods in Sifu is as easy as dropping a file into a custom game directory. At least when it comes to character overhauls and minor additions or changes to the game. Beware though, that some mods might mess with your game, so a complete backup of the entire Sifu-folder might help you out so you don’t have to download everything again.

Now for the main course. Mods are stored in a custom folder called: ~mods. Here’s where to make the new folder.

  • Find your Epic Games Store folder and select it
  • Open the Sifu directory, select the folder Sifu, click Content
  • Now, under Paks you should create a new folder called “~mods” (without the quotes)

This is where the fun begins. You can simply download any mod through NexusMods (you need an account on the website). Simple extract the content of the .zip-file into the ~mods folder. If by unzipping the file it creates a new Sifu and paks-directory, just make sure you take the .pak and .sig file and copy it to the main mods folder.

Note that you might run into problems when running multiple character overhaul mods simultaneously. The same goes for multiple alterations to movesets and animations. Whenever you put a new file in the mods folder and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with other mods, make sure to delete the old ones. Alternatively, just make a storage folder outside of the mods folder so you can easily hot swap mod files.

A selection of the best ones so far

Now that you know how to install mods for Sifu, here’s some of our favorites to get you started.

The Matrix: Play as Neo and turn every enemy (or specific type of enemies) into Agent Smith using this mod and/or all the suggested mods under Recommended
Superhero overhauls: For feeling like a badass, there’s plenty of superhero mods to go around. Play as 2022’s Batman, Daredevil (Netflix show) or the original or Xforce versions of Deadpool.
Bruce Lee: Sifu wears its influences on its sleeve and it wouldn’t have existed without the legend himself. This Bruce Lee mod gives you the iconic yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death, along with a unique moveset

Of course there’s also a bunch of silly meme mods, like playing as CJ or Big Smoke from GTA San Andreas. Or what about Snow White or Elsa? Yup, you can kick ass as them too.

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