NICKMERCS Says That Halo Infinite Was A Flop Without A Battle Royale

Popular Twitch Streamer NICKMERCS said that Halo Infinite was a “flop” without a battle royale Wednesday on Twitter. And some could say that he’s got a point. Battle Royale’s have completely taken over the multiplayer scene in the last three years. Just look at the success of huge titles like Call of Duty’s Warzone, Apex Legends, and many others who have entered into the Battle Royale genre.

But Halo Infinite has yet to jump on the bandwagon; a move welcomed by some but clearly not so for others. The average player count has dropped from a high of 256,000 at launch last year to under 10,000 this month according to Steam Charts.

Does Halo Infinite need a battle royale?

The honeymoon stage has worn off. There hasn’t been much content coming out of Halo Infinite in recent months. So the low player count makes sense. But would a battle royale save Halo Infinite? Is the Halo community even interested in a battle royale? Can Halo survive without a battle royale? It’s an interesting topic for sure.

But Halo has a completely different playstyle as opposed to other first person shooters on the market. One example would be the simple mechanic of healing. Most games in this genre have shifted to BR modes with armor plates or shield cells to replenish health, Halo has notoriously always used a recharge system.

That’s just one example. But there’s quite a few differences when it comes to the comparison between Halo and other first person shooters. Which may have forced 343 Industries to come up with something totally new. According to a blog post by Windows Central, that may be exactly what the game devs have cooking up.

And not a moment too soon! We are looking forward to more new content for Halo Infinite regardless if that includes a battle royale.

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