Amazon Dismisses Reports Of Plans To Buy Electronic Arts

Reports of Amazon planning to buy Electronic Arts circled early Friday after an article in USA Today stated that Amazon intended to acquire the video game publisher along with a pending announcement.

We now have confirmed that those reports were incorrect according to an Amazon spokesperson. The spokesperson told CNBC’s David Faber that “the company doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation.” Faber said on CNBC’s Squawk Box that “There’s nothing going on,” citing his contact with a source at Amazon.

Amazon’s gaming presence

Part of what made these claims believable is Amazon’s recent interest in the gaming world. Amazon’s cloud gaming service, Luna launched in late 2020 via an early access program. The company has started filming the Fallout TV show. And of course we all know Twitch, Amazon’s live streaming platform. Home to a huge viewership of game hungry audiences.

There is a clear interest for Amazon in the gaming market. But for now the company seems to be letting the notion of them acquiring a huge publisher fade. Though, that’s not to say that the company won’t be interested in it in the future.

Other acquisitions in the gaming world

Microsoft recently announced its intention to acquire the video game publishing giant, Activision. Microsoft does have a bit more standing in the gaming community by literally owning Xbox, but I digress. Microsoft has been on a studio buying spree since 2020 after its acquisition of Bethesda, the studio behind the Fallout series and other big name games.

Sony also put their horse in the race by acquiring Bungie, the studio behind the original Halo series and the very popular Destiny series. It would have made perfect sense for Amazon to want a piece of the action by acquiring Electronic Arts.

Maybe they feel like the time isn’t right to step in on a more hands on capacity. After all, Amazon acquiring Electronic Arts would put them in a much more powerful position to release games and cash in on the huge gaming market. Would the gaming community be excited about this move? That’s a question for another time.

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