Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer [VIDEO]

Dead Island 2 gameplay dropped along with many other trailers this week at gamescom. The gaming event kicked off in Germany today and will continue through the rest of the week. Be sure to check back for more updates as we get them. We will be posting any big news out of gamescom.

Gamescom has been known to drop some of the biggest releases in the gaming industry. One of the trailers that we are particularly excited about is Dead Island 2. The zombie slashing role playing game was an instant classic back in 2011. A decade ago! We’ve been waiting years for a sequel to the RPG. At first look it seems promising! Take a look.

First Reactions

Dead Island 2 shows the kind of gameplay that you would hope to see. Crisp visuals, vibrant physic displays, and of course: kick ass combat. It looks like everything that made the first one such a hit will make a return. At least regarding combat. And really, as long as they don’t get too crazy with the story or over-emphasize trivial parts of the game what could go wrong?

After all, annihilating zombies always had a certain appeal to it with Dying Light. Hopefully the same rings true for this sequel. But overall, we’re super excited to see how it turns out. We will definitely be giving this one a detailed review.


Dead Island 2 Release Date

While it has been at least six years since the latest adaptation of the original Dead Island we will have to wait just a few months longer. Dead Island 2 is set to release in February 3rd, 2023. So brush up on your zombie skull smashin’, enjoy a nice replay of the first game and come ready to quench your raging zombie bloodlust. As always if any delays are announced we will post those as well.

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