Infinity Ward Teases NEW Call of Duty Images

We know Black Ops 4 has only been out for 3 months but its never to early to try to guess what the next Call of Duty installment is going to be. The next Call of Duty title has not been released but Infinity Ward, a Call of Duty developer, is dropping some possible hints.

The studio’s senior communications manager Ashton Williams has been quietly posting teaser images on Twitter. Most of these images are of ghosts and skulls. Which has led most people to believe the next title will be Call of Duty: Ghost 2.

Before we go too far down this path, lets take a look around. Game Developers love to tease their audiences and sometimes mislead them to make for an ultimate surprise. Katoku’s Jason Scheier has said Infinity Ward is not working on a Ghost 2. Scheier has usually been extremely spot-on with his insider info in the past. Therefore, he is seen to be a largely reliable source.

If they aren’t making a Ghost 2, then whats with all the teaser images of ghosts and skulls? This may simply be a nod to Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley from Modern Warfare 2. Ghost is a well-known character but he ultimately met his demise at the end of the game. If this is the case, Infinity Ward could be developing a prequel to his story for a Modern Warfare 4 release.

These Modern Warfare 4 rumors have been swirling around for awhile but take them for what they are at the moment, just rumors. Infinity Ward’s development of the Modern Warfare games gave them huge success but they have taken a beating with their release of Ghosts and most recently Infinite Warfare.

Which would you enjoy more, Modern Warfare 4 or Ghosts 2? Are you ready to try to give Infinity Ward another try?