Resident Evil: Village Mods Already Offer Boobs & Thomas The Tank Engine

Resident Evil: Village wasn’t even out yet, before wacky, nasty, or outright hilarious mods were dominating the internet. For example, as per Rule 34, the eerily attractive Lewd Sisters can be modded into topless vampires.

If you’re more of the silly persuasion, you can merge Lady Dimitrescu with Thomas the Tank Engine. Here’s some of the best mods we’ve spotted so far.

Resident Evil: Village mods

The raunchiest of the RE: Village mods we spotted is a nudity mod for the Lewd Sisters. It’s by no means a new thing for the gaming community; we tend to nudify anything with a heartbeat.

In this case though (and I’m not kink shaming here) it’s a bit creepier that usual. I mean, you’re getting chased and potentially murdered by blood-lusty vampires with their breasts exposed. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Then there’s the atrocity that is Count Theodora, a mix between Lady Dimitrescu, and Thomas the Tank Engine. We thought we had seen it all when the talking locomotive flew around Skyrim in the iconic Elders Scrolls game. But no, this weird modding tradition just had to find it’s way into RE: Village, huh?

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Images courtesy of Capcom via Nexusmods

Fans of Austin Powers might be delighted to know the traumatic opening sequence can receive a Mini Me-treatment. One of the more creative mods for Resident Evil: Village, this one gives young Rose Winter the head of adult Chris Redfield. Why, you ask? Just don’t…

Lastly for today (as I need to lie down after writing Lady Dimitrescu and Thomas the Tank Engine in the same sentence) we have a fly swatter mod. It’s as simple as it sounds; the mod adds a fly swatter as a reskin of the knife to RE: Village. There’s even different skins for the ‘weapon’. What you do with it, is up to you, but it is definitely not meant to be used on thick vampire buttocks!


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