We Ran Ten Super Bowl LVI Simulations On Madden 22

Recently, Madden released their simulation results for the upcoming game a few days ago. However, they haven’t released any simulation gameplay yet. The simulation gave the victory to the underdog Cincinnati Bengals over the Los Angeles Rams with a nail bitter ending of 24-21. Since these types of games can lead to different endings and scores even based on one play, we decided to run the simulation ourselves but 10 times rather than 1.

We thought that running a simulation ten times would give us a better idea if it could be a fluke or if the game really does believe one team is better than the other. So check out the results below and let us know who you think is going to win Super Bowl LVI!

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Madden Simulations

The Super Bowl rolls through around this time every year. Before every Super Bowl, there are tons of projections and predictions put out there to get an idea who might win the big game. Madden is known to release the most popular simulation for who the winner might be. The “Madden NFL” franchise has made an official Super Bowl prediction every year since the 2005 Super Bowl. The franchise has calculated 11 out of the 18 winners (61.11% accuracy). Though that’s not great prediction odds, its better odds than a coinflip. See all of their previous predictions.

Madden Super Bowl LVI Simulations Results

Below are the end scores for each game.

1: Rams 41-31
2: Bengals 36-17
3: Bengals 30-21
4: Bengals 31-28
5: Rams 51-13
6: Bengals 52-29
7: Rams 52-24
8: Rams 31-17
9: Bengals 27-24
10: Bengals 41-31

Our Settings For Madden Super Bowl LVI Simulations

Of course we ran Madden 22 for the simulations. For the settings, the game style is set to simulation which is defined as “Play true to player and team ratings, with authentic NFL rules and gameplay”. Quarter lengths are put at 6 minutes with an accelerated play clock. Also, this is based on that their are no injuries prior to the Super Bowl changing the roster.

After running the simulations, there was a better understanding. The Bengals won 6 of the 10 games simulated under these settings. Adding in the official Madden simulation, thats a 63% chance the Bengals win based on the simulations.

Final Thoughts

We know this is a simulation and many things can change the outcome of a game. As a result, these simulations can possibly help us start to believe who might have the real advantage. Take them with a grain a salt but maybe our noses pointed in the right direction. Here at Game Enthusiast, we must admit that since we’re based in Cincinnati we are a bit biased. But we do expect an exciting game with challenges on both sides of the ball. May the best team win!

Photo credit: EA Games, Madden NFL 2022

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