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How To Protect Yourself From Swatting When Gaming Online

Imagine you’re fully immersed in an online match, trying to destroy the enemy’s camp. When all of a sudden you end up having your front door kicked in by a […]

lost judgement
Lost Judgment 0

Lost Judgment — Everything To Know About The Action Adventure Game

Lost Judgment, is coming soon and this one could be the last in the Yakuza spinoff series. The Judgment series brings the Yakuza franchise back to its roots, mixing the […]


Take-Two Is Bullying Devs Of GTA Mods Into Submission, But Why?

Over the last couple of months, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive has been in the news for two distinct reasons. The first is always tied to GTA VI and/or […]

far cry 6 trailer
Far Cry 0

Far Cry 6 Wins Action Game Of The Year At Gamescom Prior To Launch

Far Cry 6 has won action game of the year at this years gamescom prior to the games October launch. Gamescom started last week and showcased some of this year’s […]

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Dr Disrespect Is “Suing The F**K Outta Twitch” Over Ban

More than a year after Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch, the Doc fires back twofold with his own gaming company and the news that he is “suing the f**k […]

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HighFleet Beginner’s Guide – A Complete Tutorial To Aerial Combat

As part of our HighFleet beginner’s guide series, today we’ll take a look at aerial combat. For more information on actual strategy and everything leading op to an actual fight, […]

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Dr Disrespect Takes On Games Industry With His Own Gaming Studio

Guy Beahm, better known as his mustache sporting alter ego Dr Disrespect, is launching his own gaming studio. Doc posted a job offering on the official Champions Club website for a […]