With patch 0.12.11, Escape From Tarkov introduces the first iteration of Scav karma. As part of our extensive Escape From Tarkov guide series, we’ll dive into what affects your karma (reputation), how Fence works, and what the repercussions and benefits of being a good or bad Scavyboi are.

As a quick disclaimer: EFT is still in development, so reputation values, effects, and mechanics might change over time. We try to keep everything updated as we go (last updated on 12th of July 2021).


Escape From Tarkov: Scav karma

Scav karma is developer BattleState Games’ way to counter Scav on Scav crime. Ever since the game launched, player-controlled Scavs generally benefitted from killing other non-AI Scavs. It was part of a perpetual mistrust amongst Scav players. With Scav Karma, Escape From Tarkov’s player Scavs are incentivized to cooperate with others.

The trustworthiness of a player is represented by his karma, otherwise known as reputation with Fence. In addition, the trader Fence can be leveled to give you better items to buy. You can even expect help from AI Scavs if you’ve got a high reputation.

But before we dive into the effects of Scav karma, here’s how you gain and lose it.

Gaining Scav karma

  • Killing hostile player Scav: +0.1 reputation
  • Killing any PMC awards: +0.1 reputation
  • Using a ‘friendly scav’ or ‘car’ exfil point: reputation effect unknown

Losing Scav karma

  • Killing a non-hostile Scav (AI or player controlled): -0.05 reputation
  • Slaying a Scav Boss: -0.22 reputation
I just domed a friendly Scav, and Fence didn’t like it (see lower right corner)

What do you gain from a high reputation?

Now that we know what rewards and/or deducts Scav karma, let’s dive into why Escape From Tarkov players should care. Sadly, without Scav karma, most players didn’t consider teaming up as a valid option. Shooting on sight was the norm throughout this games’ existence.

So here’s a good incentive, now that karma is a thing: AI will attack you on sight if your reputation is too low. Luckily, there are a lot of things to gain from a positive reputation too. The following benefits apply. The opposite is also true for all instances:

  • AI Scavs help you more frequently, listen to your commands. Eventually even Scav Bosses will be considering you an ally
  • Player Scav cooldown decreases
  • Scavbox return time decreases (Hideout)
  • More possible exfils for player Scav. If your reputation is super low, you might only have one exfil that needs a PMC to use.
  • Better player Scav kits
  • Better prices with Fence

At reputation level 6.0, Fence jumps to loyalty level 4, which means he’ll sell you a bunch more good stuff. For example, uninsured items left behind in raids will appear in Fence’s inventory.

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