Halo Infinite Launch Date Officially Confirmed By 343, Coming Fall 2021

Halo Infinite has officially confirmed the game’s launch date. In a blog post Tuesday, Joseph Staten, 343 Industries Creative Director, detailed the announcement. Staten specifically states that the development team was wrestling with previous criticism

Originally the game was slated to launch alongside the Xbox Series X in November. But Halo Infinite is now set to launch in Fall 2021.

Halo Infinite official launch date

Halo Infinite has been through somewhat of a tumultuous development cycle. After losing multiple executive level developers, many have been concerned about the notion of a less than rocky launch. And rightfully so, the game was originally announced in June of 2018 during that year’s E3 conference.

And that’s not to say that players won’t wait as long as they need to; especially those who are die hard Halo fans. For now Halo Infinite is set for late 2021. And as long as there isn’t any more executive shakeup’s that seems like a date that is within reach.

Why is Halo Infinite delayed?

During the Xbox Series X games showcase in July, Halo Infinite was revealed to the world. The gameplay trailer showed a game that many expressed their dissatisfaction. One of the Grunts even spawned a new meme nicknamed ‘Craig’.

Craig the Halo Infinite Brute | Game Enthusiast

Shortly after the reveal, 343 Industries announced that they would be delaying the game indefinitely. In August, the delay cited COVID-19 related impacts. But Tuesday’s blog post mentions that the team at 343 needed more times to do things right.

While I definitely don’t enjoy games being delayed. But I appreciate developers who put out their best work and aren’t afraid to take the time to do it right.

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