World War 3 Has Passed Battlefield 2042’s Peak Player Count

World War 3 is the game that Battlefield should fear. It’s clear that developer The Farm 51 has seen an opportunity in the gaming community. And the peak amount of active players reflects that; according to SteamCharts, World War 3 saw well over 4300 players simultaneously, passing Battlefield 2042’s peak player count of 3200. It’s all the more impressive seeing as World War 3 had under 100 active players a few months ago.

And it’s not hard to see why. Gamers clearly have a strong desire for a fast paced, large scale military shooter. World War 3 seems to be off to a great start in achieving that.  It’s got the mechanics that many gamers love, like in-game customization and the dynamic Battlefield-style multiplayer gameplay. It really feels like a game that DICE would make (or even should have made?!).

When you first jump into World War 3 its abundantly clear that the game encompasses the feel of the world renown Battlefield 4. And if you’re like we are here at Game Enthusiast, you may have some reservations about the dullness of Battlefield 2042’s lackluster gameplay experience.

Early Access Progress

World War 3 is a game being developed by people who were raised playing FPS games. They take pride in their cooperation with military professionals and being able to offer the most authentic modern military shooter experience that’s painstakingly balanced with entertaining gameplay. Since the games re-release on Steam, the developers at The Farm 51 have been highly dedicated to fixing where they went wrong the first time around.

World War 3 Release Date

The studio has made the decision to postpone their F2P Update with no set release date. According to a developer update, they intend to use this extra time to polish the game. This involves fixing network errors, improve server stability, and making the game accessible to all players. Hence the fact that the game will be free eventually.

For now though, anyone can jump into the game for $14.99 which goes to developing the game with more solid servers and grabbing one of the upgrade packs from the official World War 3 website or through Steam Early Access.

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