8 Things You Could Do After Beating Elden Ring

Congratulations, you’ve finally conquered the Lands Between and beaten Elden Ring! After spending at least some 50 hours beating the game, you’re probably wondering: What else can I do after beating Elden Ring? Do you continue playing or do you just say goodbye? Or do you try a playthrough where you only hurl shit at enemies?

All those options are valid. But Elden Ring has a lot more to offer than that still!

8 Things To Do After Beating Elden Ring

1. Continue Your Journey

As soon as you land the last blow on the final boss of Elden Ring, the game will let you choose an ending as your choice plays out and the credits roll. Afterwards, you can go back out into the Lands Between just before you head into the final moments of Elden Ring in Roundtable Hold or you can start New Game Plus (more on this later). 

In addition to bosses and dungeons, there are also tons of NPCs that you can meet in Elden Ring that will help flesh out the game more. A huge chunk of these NPCs come with long questlines that are worth completing. Both for the lore and for the unique armaments they give as rewards. 

2. Play Some Co-Op

They say misery loves company. We wouldn’t blame you if you played Elden Ring with friends first. It’s always better to see someone else fail miserably at the same game as you are. But, if you haven’t, the endgame is your chance. You’d be surprised just how the dynamics of Elden Ring change when someone is helping you out. 

3. Complete All The Endings

FromSoftware’s first open-world title and biggest game ever were always going to have more than one ending. However, no one probably predicted that the Dark Souls studio would find the time to squeeze in six of them. 

It’s been said that Elden Ring locks you into one ending per “journey”, so you’ll have to play through the game on New Game Plus if you want to see another. This also means that you’ll have to complete the game five more times (and do other things) if you want to see all six endings. 

4. Try Out New Game Plus

“Journey 2” is Elden Ring’s version of New Game Plus after beating the game. If you choose this option, the game will replay the intro cutscene and put you back at the Church of Anticipation, just like on your first playthrough. The main difference is that you still have all your items with the rune rewards difficulty scaling up to compensate for your increased power. 

5. Start From Scratch

If you thought spending 100 hours finishing Elden Ring on your first try wasn’t enough, why not go and throw away another 100 more? This is effectively what will happen if you start Elden Ring from scratch. Then again, you are starting with experience, and because this is an open-world game, you’re almost always never going to be doing the same thing twice in Elden Ring.

Starting from scratch in Elden Ring lets you explore using a completely different character and build. Elden Ring is such a great game that everything else feels and looks different depending on your fighting style. It’s worth a try!

6. Soak In The Rich & Glorious Fantasy World

One of the best things about Elden Ring is the Lands Between itself. You might have had time to appreciate its beauty in between dying and trying to stay alive, but for the most part, you were probably too focused on surviving. After beating Elden Ring, now is your chance to explore every nook and cranny of the Lands Between. Going from point A to point B will be much more fun now that you have a chance to see the world around you. 

As always, be careful. Elden Ring remains just as dangerous for a Tarnished that’s just starting out and one that’s poised to become the next Elden Lord.

7. Try Speedrunning

FromSoftware claims that it will take the average player 50 hours to complete Elden Ring. Speedrunners can do the same in literally under 10 minutes (obviously using glitches). If you’re up for it, you can give speedrunning a try. Just try not to get your hopes too high on clearing Elden Ring as fast as other people who do it for a living.

8. Check Out Other FromSoftware Games

Lastly, FromSoftware doesn’t make a lot of games, but when it does, it usually defines a genre. After graduating from making Armored Core games, FromSoftware kickstarted an entirely new subgenre of titles, the Soulsbornes, with the release of Dark Souls in 2011 and Bloodborne in 2015. 

With a handful of Dark Souls sequels as well as DLC’s and Bloodborne along with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, FromSoftware’s catalogue of games should tide you over until the next Soulsborne game comes along. You could also get an Xbox Game Pass from our friends at OffGamers to have better access to comparable games.

At the moment, FromSoftware hasn’t confirmed if Elden Ring is going to get a DLC or expansion. For now, the studio is busy patching wonky and OP things out of Elden Ring and making sure that the game remains just as difficult as intended. But, more Elden Ring content is a matter of when and not if after Bandai Namco confirmed that it was going to work on more Elden Ring projects in a press release. 

Ultimately, you don’t necessarily need to wait for more Elden Ring content to get your money’s worth though. As it is, the game is filled with more than enough things to do. All that’s left is for you to discover what else Elden Ring can offer.

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