5 Games That We Think Would Do Well on The Steam Deck

Launched on February 25, 2022, Valve’s Steam Deck begs the question: “What if high-powered PC games fit right in the palm of the gamer’s hands?” The handheld unit, weighs just under 9 ounces more than Nintendo’s Switch OLED and uss a bit large for a handheld console. But what do you expect when you can run resource-hungry games like Elden Ring.

Though the Steam Deck has a sizable library, there’s a catch in that not every game that is available in the Steam store is playable on the console. And with that in mind, we wanted to explore some potential titles that we think would do well on the Steam Deck.

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The following six games offer diversity in gameplay and mechanics, and we believe they’d provide Steam Deck owners with a fun variety of new experiences to take on the go.

Games perfect for Steam Deck

1. V Rising

V Rising is a new survival experience, putting players in the role of a vampire looking to build a thriving kingdom. The top-down view makes it an easy game to navigate, even on the smaller screen of the Steam Deck, and the visuals wouldn’t be too much for the handheld unit to manage. 

V Rising is a great game to take on the go as you can make progress on your vampire empire before class and return to it with a new, more fiery attitude when the day is done. 

If you can find another Steam Deck owner in the wild, V Rising’s co-op multiplayer would pose a unique way to make friends and connect with another vampire in the realm. 

2. Civilization VI

The Steam Deck needs games that are easy to jump into, and few fit this criterion more than Civilization VI. Since everything is turn-based, there’s no threat to your civilization should you need to set aside the Steam Deck for a spell. 

The game isn’t too resource-heavy, so Valve’s handheld unit shouldn’t have an issue running it, but Civilization VI also isn’t the type of game that suffers too much if you need to tinker with the graphics settings. 

There’s a multiplayer component to Civilization VI that would thrive if you could go toe-to-toe with your opposition in the same room. Sure, it’s a bit of a long experience and the buildup is a little slower, but the tension that would build as you get closer to crushing your opponent would amplify the entertainment. 

3. Ghostrunner

More good, wholesome and modern singleplayer experiences are exactly what the Steam Deck needs, and while Ghostrunner isn’t a technical marvel or a smash hit, it’s an entertaining game that can easily help pass the time on the go. 

As the titular Ghostrunner, you run, jump, and shoot your way through various levels, focusing heavily on parkour and unique abilities to clear each stage of one-shot threats. Though the small screen may not seem conducive to the frantic action of Ghostrunner, you may be surprised as to how crystal clear the screen is and how the size is barely a hindrance to the overall experience.

Ghostrunner can help you keep your energy up as the nonstop action will keep you at the edge of whatever seat you’re strapped to in your travels. 

4. The Sims 4

That The Sims 4 wasn’t an initial title for Steam Deck seems like a crime. Sure, the series has evolved quite a bit since its first release, but the core experience is still incredibly simple. It’s this simplicity that can help relax the mind while on a lunch break or during the commute home. The calming music and pleasing aesthetics will put you in a good mood regardless of how tiring the day has been. 

The Sims 4 wouldn’t give the Steam Deck any issues to run, and the option to make all DLC packs accessible would certainly earn favour with the fans. There’s a seemingly endless amount of content and the potential to mimic your life while you’re living it is as meta as things can get. 

Just don’t get caught trapping Sims in a ladderless pool or doorless room, or you may start to worry those around you.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Could Steam Deck even run Red Dead Redemption 2? It’s possible. And if it could, there is no reason why Valve shouldn’t push to have Rockstar’s most technically impressive game available on the go. 

There is so much to do in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you would have to have a lot of spare time outside the house to make much progress. The expansive romp in the Wild West is brimming with content, and you certainly won’t run out of things to do on your handheld unit. 

You can even pass the Steam Deck around to friends to give them a crack at trying to clear out entire towns or wreak havoc on camps full of bandits. These aren’t things that will get you any sort of progress, but they’re a good way to connect with friends.

Can you imagine initiating a train heist while you’re on a train? Now that’s immersion.

To Conclude:

The Steam Deck still has a bit of growing to do, especially when it comes to its library. While all of the above titles being added would enhance what players can expect out of their handheld PC, even just a few of them would give players plenty to do once they’ve worked through some of the greats of the current library.

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