Kyler Murray New Contract Adds Call of Duty Clause

Kyler Murray New Contract Adds Call of Duty Clause

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Kyler Murray is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, both as a deadly passer and lightning-quick runner. While he’s becoming a star in the league, he’s also becoming a big name in gaming and CoD, Twitch, and even signed with FaZe Clan back in April 2021. Now, after he’s signed his astronomical extension to stay with the Cardinals, users on social media noticed a clause in his contract that might have to do with his dedication to Call of Duty.

What’s The Clause?

The Cardinals put in a clause in the contract that Murray must dedicate four hours each week of “independent study”. During this study period, Murray can’t engage in TV, social media, video games or browsing the internet. This may be a problem for Murray.

Why Does This Matter?

The Washington Post are the ones to bust Murray on this by running their own study. This is probably the case, and why the Cardinals included the clause in the first place. The Washington Post study that found, “In games played before the annual Call of Duty release date over his career, Murray has averaged 22.5 fantasy points per game. In games played after the release date, Murray has averaged 17.4 points per game, a decline of 22.7%.”

Graphs of Kyler Murray’s Production Each Year

Kyler Murray Graph

Real or Ridiculous?

While the graphs are real it does seem kind of ridiculous to think a game would cause the drop-off. But with Murray being so active in the gaming community, it seems more realistic. The quarterback may be more into learning maps than new plays after new Call of Duty titles are released. Are the Cardinals overreacting or looking out for the best for them?

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