How to Level Up Fast in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

In this article we are going to show you how to level up your characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes super quick. There are several ways to level up your characters, and none are right or wrong. It’s obviously important to just have fun, these tips simply help maximize your time!

The Dynasty Warriors franchise created a whole new genre called Musou which is basically hack-and-slash, and it has been here for a while. A good number of other game series were lucky enough to get their own Warriors spin-off; One Piece, the Zelda franchise, the Gundam series, the Persona series, and many more. 

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Hardcore fans and newcomers well received Fire Emblem Warriors, leading to the recently released Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Even though the game is quite fun, it can be unforgiving if you are a first-timer in the Warriors games. So, are here to help you with some tips. 

Level up faster in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes


Having battles is the most logical and straightforward way to level up your characters. If you want to additionally level up one or more of your characters or you have a character that is still stuck on the lowest levels you can easily let them fight versus enemies. 

When you defeat enemies you get experience and you can also deploy multiple characters for this purpose. By doing this you can raise their levels simultaneously. Letting characters participate in battles where they are underdeveloped compared to their enemies is an even faster way to level up. 

For example, if you have someone who is at level 10, it is a good idea to do a side quest or a mission that is level 15 or higher. But do remember that you need to be careful. If you don’t foresee or calculate the toughness of the fight they will end up dying instead of winning the fight. 

Make sure to manually control your characters if you are doing this little trick as letting the game control them will most likely end up in a mess. The higher the enemy levels are, the more experience you will get, and, hey, more gold as well.

Before heading to the next tip on quickly levelling up your character, it is worth mentioning that if you achieve getting an MVP status on a certain character during a battle it will additionally speed up your levelling. Of course, this kind of fine-tuning can only happen if you are manually controlling the character during the fight.

The Record Keeper

Another option for a faster level up of characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes opens up around chapter five. At this point you should unlock the record keeper as a facility in your camp. Using him, you can replay old battles which is helpful if you want to go back to achieve S ranks and get rewards. 

Also, it is a good way to level up any units that were not available originally. Playing through auxiliary battles can get tedious and boring but throwing your lowest level characters into those fights over and over again is a great way to increase their level at no cost other than your time. Playing old battles will earn you more gold as well.

Buying Experience

The easier but more expensive way to level up any character is by paying for it. Going to the training grounds and speaking to the training instructor will give you an option to level up or reset the level of your characters. When trying this method it is important to know that you cannot exceed the level of your highest level character. Which in most cases would be the main character Shez. 

The downside of this method is that the cost of levelling up gets exponentially higher with each level you buy from the instructor. You can oppose this by expanding the facility but this will take some time as you won’t be getting strong quality building mats until later in the game. 

Buying experience is an excellent way to level up characters quickly but mostly at the beginning of the game, so make sure to put good use of the instructor at the early stages. A good idea is to try keeping your characters within five levels under your highest level character. Slow and steady wins the race!


Don’t overlook the power of adjutants either! During any battle, you can let a character become another unit’s adjutant. Assigning low-level characters as an adjutant to your active character is an easy way to level up characters quickly. 

Having an adjutant will also give your active character a boost in combat. Of course, assigning adjutants means fewer units on the battlefield to boss around but you can unassign them at any time and, after all, it is not a bad idea to keep low-level characters safe from harm while still getting some use out of them.

To Conclude:

We have listed some of the ways to quickly level up your characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three hopes. But by doing so we have simply outlined some ideas that you can use as a basis. Don’t forget that you can always adjust those level-up methods according to your own personal play style. 

Also, never be afraid to experiment and mostly be sure to combine these methods. Do you have a better way of quickly levelling up? Let us know in the comments below!

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