Fortnite Is At It’s Low Point But Epic Games Denies It

Fortnite is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, but it has peaked in terms of revenue. At least, if we’re to believe SuperData’s assesment of Epic Games’ gold mine. The American developer and publisher denies that the claims of the independent data company are accurate. The irony of the situation is that Epic praised SuperData for it’s accuracy just two months ago!

Epic Games’ defining take on the battle royale genre was an absolute smash hit in the summer of 2017. Yup, it’s thát old already. But Best Ongoing game winner Fortnite is slowly in decline in terms of revenue. According to games industry market intelligence firm SuperData the game is at it’s lowest point since November 2017.

But the developer behind Fortnite doesn’t agree with SuperData. In fact, Epic explained to GamesIndustry that the figures are pure nonsense.

SuperData does not and has not ever had access to Epic’s Fortnite revenue data, and SuperData’s reports do not accurately reflect Fortnite’s performance. We are disappointed that SuperData has repeatedly published wildly inaccurate reports about Fortnite based on what we believe is questionable methodology. While we do not and have not publicly shared revenue numbers for Fortnite, we will say that SuperData’s reports do not align with reality.

And that last bit is very interesting. Epic does indeed not share the revenue made by Fortnite, but just claiming that SuperData’s reports are inaccurate isn’t very believable. Just share how absurdly much Fortnite is still making so these independent data companies don’t have to ‘guess’, right?

But what makes the situation even more painful for the developer, is the fact that Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney acknowledged and even quoted the data company just two short months ago.

So we’re getting the feeling that Epic Games only validates SuperData’s reports when the news is positive. But when the data company claims something not beneficial to Epic, their methodology is questionable all of a sudden.


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