March Mashup 2020, Round 1—Vote For Your Favorite Video Game Character

Update: We have tallied the votes for Round 1 of March Mashup 2020. Here are the Results

Matchup 1: Master Chief Vs Gabriel Logan, Winner Master Chief 97%
Matchup 2: Captain Price vs Doomguy, WInner Captain Price 51%
Matchup 3: Agent 47 vs Max Payne, Winner Agent 47 67%
Matchup 4: James Bond vs Marcus Fenix, Winner James Bond 53%
Matchup 5: Lara Croft vs Corvo Attano, Winner Lara Croft 74%
Matchup 6: Solid Snake vs Senua, Winner Solid Snake 79%
Matchup 7: Kratos vs Nathan Drake, Winner Kratos 60%
Matchup 8: Ezio vs Gordon Freeman, Winner Ezio 77%
Matchup 9: Geralt vs Hawke, Winner Geralt 87%
Matchup 10: Vault Boy vs Cloud Strife, Winner Vault Boy 54%
Matchup 11: Ciri vs Commander Shepard, Winner Ciri 57%
Matchup 12: Trevor vs Big Daddy, Winner Trevor 54%
Matchup 13: Mario vs Spyro, Winner Mario 64%
Matchup 14: Link vs Bowser, Winner Link 79%
Matchup 15: Batman vs Duke Nukem, Winner Batman 68%
Matchup 16: Sonic vs Pikachu, Winner Sonic 52%

Be sure to vote in Round 2!

Who’s your favorite video game character? As we announced Friday, we are hoping to find out who the community thinks is the best video game character. We devised a list of 32 of the most popular video game characters from four different genres; ShootersRPG’sAction/Adventure, and Legends. We then matched those characters up against each other so you can vote on your favorite characters. There are 16 matchups in this first round. Over the month of March we will be narrowing down the votes so we can figure out who is the gaming community’s favorite video game character. On Monday March 9th, we will begin Round 2 of voting.

Feel free to mention in the comments here or on our Facebook page if you think a certain character should be included in the matchups. We hope to do this poll every year so the list may change year-to-year! Anyway, vote below, hit “Continue” to move on to the next matchup. Thanks for voting! Be sure to check the bracket next weekend for the results of Round 1!


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