Help Us Pick The Community’s Favorite Video Game Character

March Madness is right around the corner for sports fans, and we at Game Enthusiast had an interesting idea. What if we made our own version of March Madness? One geared towards the video game community. So that’s what we did!

We compiled a list of 32 of our favorite characters from games spanning four different categories: Shooters, Action/Adventure, RPG’s, Legend’s.  We understand that we undoubtedly have left off certain characters. We spent many hours debating and discussing placement of characters, their seeding, and how the matchup’s will work.  You can think of the four genre’s that we’ve picked as divisions, so the bracket will play out very similar to how the NCAA March Madness bracket plays out.

In the first week(March 2nd-6th), all 16 matchups will get voted on. After the first week of testing we will then tally the votes and fill out the bracket accordingly and jump into the next 8 matchups the following week.

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Let us know what YOU think: