Dr Disrespect Is “Suing The F**K Outta Twitch” Over Ban

More than a year after Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch, the Doc fires back twofold with his own gaming company and the news that he is “suing the f**k outta Twitch”. So far, nothing about his departure from the streaming platform has been made public. But whatever the reason was, Dr Disrespect thinks he can get what he’s owed through a lawsuit.

Dr Disrespect sues Twitch

In a recent clip, the streaming star (whose real name is Guy Beahm) announces that he’s suing the proverbial intercourse out of Twitch. After his ban, a whole lot of mystery surrounded the controversial figure.

While he still doesn’t go into detail about the reason behind his ban, it’s clear that he thinks he’s in the right. In the clip, Dr Disrespect accuses Twitch of causing him a lot of damages.

Moreover, he alleges that the ban from Twitch wasn’t justified. Given that he apparently knows why he was banned, he can assess if Twitch could do so based on their terms of service. If the streaming platform indeed banned him without a valid reason, that could mean big money for the Doc. Given that he’s one of the most popular streamers to date, it could spell disaster for Twitch.

It’s still unclear why Dr Disrespect doesn’t open up about his quarrel with Twitch. You can see his frustration in the video, almost breaking character to disclose everything. Then again, it might be part of the shtick, including the claim that he’s suing Twitch. Who knows! We haven’t actually seen any court documents or other hard proof that he’s suing. If he is, we’ll update this article asap.

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