A Look At PvP — An All New Social Media Platform Made Just For Gamers

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with two of the executive employees from PvP.com — an all new social media that aims to be the one-stop-shop social media for gamers. From linking up with other gamers, sharing insane or funny video clips and even creating a plugin to allow streamers to invite their viewers into their game. More on that later.

But what PvP wants most is to bring gamers together on their platform and create a totally new space that is geared directly to gamers. And while they are still in the beta stage, they have already made huge gains in both fundraising and active users. Here’s what I learned from Phil Stover, CEO of PvP, and CMO Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi.


Where it all began for PvP

Phil Stover, the company’s CEO and co-founder is one of the creators behind the social media platform. The Cincinnati native has always been a fan of gaming, growing up in the Super Nintendo era and then following a trajectory similar to many gamers.

Phil now jumps into some Fortnite or Apex Legends matches or watches streams when his work schedule allows. So he’s one of us!

While in Amsterdam for an e-sports event in 2018, one of the project’s original co-founders said: “There’s no social media for gaming”. And the idea for PvP was born. Taking Stover and his team on a two year journey to build a team to get this new idea off the ground.

That idea has now grown to include over 130,000 users across the globe. And they don’t plan on stopping there; PvP now hopes to take their platform to even more gamers.

How PvP sets themselves apart from other social media platforms

In todays world, social media plays a huge part in how we interact with each other. But we all know, quite well, just how perfectly tailored every last detail is to engaging with the user.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and others have perfected their platforms to make you the product. But PvP is more geared towards creating a social media for gamers that serves its community first.

In other words, its a platform for you as a gamer to connect with who you want to connect to, see what content you want to see, and play with who you want to play with. PvP offers a social media platform for gamers where others have fell short — PvP puts gaming front and center.


As users dive into PvP they’ll start seeing the different features of the platform. Squads is likely the most differential feature of PvP. Squads can grow up to 1000 members and it’s where the whole experience of PvP will start to reveal itself.

Once in a squad you can join a voice chat, a squad chat and add friends within the squad. Some squads are game specific, others may be for a specific streamer, and that’s where Twitch comes in.


PvP Twitch Extension

The developers at PvP have created a Twitch extension that allows people to join into a Squad straight from someone’s stream.

So viewers can join into a streamer’s squad and from there can chat directly or join into the streamer’s game directly from Twitch.

This allows streamers and players alike have an easy way to chat off stream or skip the hassle of searching a players name in-game. It’s definitely a big plus for streamers that may be interested in playing directly with their viewers.

What’s next for PvP?

When I hopped on a call with Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi, the company’s CMO, I asked him where he sees PvP in 5 years. Jee said this:

In 5 years time we’d love to be hosting competitions, creating partnerships in the gaming community, sponsoring gamers and more. But we always want our core function to be uniting gamers online.

The team at PvP is definitely dedicated and ambitious in their endeavors. The staff are all gamers that are dedicated to bringing gamers together. And as gaming continues to grow so will the demand for a central hub for gamers.

Jee did mention that they will likely move to a subscription based model so the platform won’t stay free forever. So get in for free while you can!

The team has raised over $350,000 dollars in their latest funding round and plan to use the money to continue developing the website and app to keep creating the best experience they can.

Our thoughts

Here at Game Enthusiast, we think that PvP could be a defining platform in the gaming community. And while we would ultimately love to see a platform like this be free forever, we realize that it’s unlike other platforms where ad revenue drives profits.

There is some areas of the platform still under development so we will have to see how some of the idea’s they shared with us play out.

But from what we’ve seen they have a seriously promising idea that could really change the way gamers interact on a large scale social level. We’re excited to see where PvP goes from here!

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  1. I’m curious how this is supposed to compete with platforms that already exist. If I want to follow my favorite gaming content-creator, I will follow them on the platforms they already use: Twitch, Discord, Twitter, etc. The “Squads” feature just sounds like a Discord server. This feels weirdly exclusive, and not for a reason that seems to be worth it.

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