Dr Disrespect Takes On Games Industry With His Own Gaming Studio

Guy Beahm, better known as his mustache sporting alter ego Dr Disrespect, is launching his own gaming studio. Doc posted a job offering on the official Champions Club website for a ‘gaming studio head’. What’s even more interesting is that the upcoming company has a unique, streamer oriented take on the industry.

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Dr Disrespect launches gaming studio

Dr Disrespects upcoming company will focuses on actually making AAA games, it says on the website. Beahm will work together with BoomTV, a streamers and esports manager, publisher and branding agency.

Speaking of streamers, apparently Doc wants to coordinate closely with “mega influencers” to develop games. It seems like the job opening speaks of making games specifically with the demands of influencers in mind.

Dr Disrespect in partnership with BoomTV is taking on the game industry by storm and incubating a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it. The studio plans to forge a partnership with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title. Those gaming titles will either be incubated and developed OR partner/co develop with existing indie game developers and launched as mega titles.

Indie game developers launch mega titles?

Note that the as of yet unnamed company plans to either develop games themselves or co develop titles “with existing indie game developers”. The end product should be mega titles.

It’s unclear how exactly the logistics would work. An indie game alone would probably cost millions to develop, let alone make it a ‘mega title’. Alternatively, the company wants to employ indie game developers to make AAA games. How exactly a relatively inexperienced team would churn out huge games is also unknown.

Lastly, Dr Disrespect didn’t share any details on when the gaming studio is going to be up and running, let alone when to expect the first games to release.

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