Halo Infinite Multiplayer Medals And How To Get Them

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Medals are one of the most sought after achievements in the series. If you’re a die-hard fan of Halo, you already know how often medals are used to compliment your experience. But if you’re a new player who’s overwhelmed by these medals and don’t know what they are, we’re here to help you out! 

With Halo Infinite Multiplayer Medals, they usually show up on your screen right after accomplishing something that the developers deem as a notable achievement. It’s a way to let you know that you’re doing extremely well and deserve recognition. Let’s go over them together, shall we?

Multi-kill Medals

Halo Infinite wouldn’t be Halo without these multiplayer medals. Obviously, these medals are obtained with multiple kills. And if you’re looking for tips on getting a higher multi-kill, consider taking part in Big Team Battle. The more enemy players on the map, the better. 

  • Double Kill – eliminate 2 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Triple Kill – eliminate 3 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Overkill – eliminate 4 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Killtacular – eliminate 5 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Killtrocity – eliminate 6 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Killamanjaro – eliminate 7 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Killtastrophe – eliminate 8 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Killpocalypse – eliminate 9 enemies in immediate sequence.
  • Killionaire – eliminate 10 enemies in immediate sequence.


Killing Spree Medals

These medals are obtained through successive kills while staying alive.

  • Killjoy – interfering with an enemy’s killing spree.
  • Killing Spree – eliminate 5 enemies while staying alive.
  • Killing Frenzy – eliminate 10 enemies while staying alive.
  • Running Riot – eliminate 15 enemies while staying alive.
  • Rampage – eliminate 20 enemies while staying alive.
  • Nightmare – eliminate 25 enemies while staying alive.
  • Boogeyman – eliminate 30 enemies while staying alive.
  • Grim Reaper – eliminate 35 enemies while staying alive.
  • Demon – eliminate 40 enemies while staying alive.

halo infinite multiplayer medals


Proficiency Medals

These medals are kind of different from the previous ones. These are obtained in specific conditions, or by achieving kills using select weapons or vehicles.

  • Bodyguard – rescue 5 allies by eliminating their assailant.
  • Bomber – eliminate 5 enemies with launchers.
  • Boxer – eliminate 5 enemies with melee.
  • Breacher – eliminate 5 enemies with SMG weapons.
  • Driver – eliminate 5 enemies with ground vehicles.
  • Grenadier – eliminate 5 enemies with grenades.
  • Gunslinger – eliminate 5 enemies with pistols.
  • Gunner – eliminate 5 enemies with mounted turrets.
  • Heavy – eliminate 5 enemies with detached turrets.
  • Marksman – eliminate 5 enemies with tactical rifles.
  • Pilot – eliminate 5 enemies with aircraft.
  • Rifleman – eliminate 5 enemies with assault rifles.
  • Saboteur – demolish 5 enemy vehicles.
  • Scattergunner – eliminate 5 enemies with shotguns.
  • Sharpshooter – eliminate 5 enemies with sniper rifles.
  • Spotter – target 5 enemies that are then killed.
  • Tanker – eliminate 5 enemies with siege vehicles.
  • Warrior – eliminate 5 enemies with melee weapons.
  • Wheelman – obtain 5 driver assists.
  • Wingman – obtain 10 kill assists.


Skill Medals

These medals are obtained in multiple ways, just like Proficiency ones. If you are given a chance to take up the challenge, pay close attention to your gameplay to achieve it.  Some of these are the lesser known Halo Infinite multiplayer medals.

  • Achilles Spine – eliminate an Overshielded enemy by striking them from behind with melee.
  • Autopilot Engaged – eliminate the enemy driver of a moving vehicle with a sniper rifle.
  • Back Smack – eliminate an enemy by striking with a melee weapon from behind.
  • Ballista – eliminate an enemy with a Skewer from a distance.
  • Bank Shot – eliminate an enemy with a ricochet.
  • Boom Block – deflect an incoming missile by insinuating a Drop Wall.
  • Bulltrue – rescue yourself or an ally by interfering with an enemy’s Energy Sword lunge.
  • Chain Reaction – eliminate an enemy with a shock chain.
  • Cluster Luck – eliminate 2 or more enemies with a grenade.
  • Death Race – kill more than 2 enemies with a single boost in a Ghost.
  • Dogfight – demolish an enemy aircraft while in your own aircraft.
  • Fire & Forget – eliminate an enemy with an M41 SPNKr from a distance.
  • Grand Slam – eliminate more than 2 enemies with a single Gravity Hammer swing.
  • Guardian Angel – rescue an ally from a distance.
  • Hail Mary – eliminate an enemy with a grenade from a distance.
  • Harpoon – wrestle a distant enemy.
  • Interlinked – eliminate 4 enemies with a single chain.
  • Kong – eliminate an enemy by tossing a Fusion Coil.
  • Mind the Gap – eliminate an enemy by using the Repulsor.
  • Nade Shot – headshot an enemy right away after throwing a grenade.
  • Ninja – eliminate an enemy by jumping over them and striking them from behind with a melee weapon.
  • No Scope – eliminate an enemy with a sniper rifle without zooming.
  • Nuclear Football – seize an enemy-deployed Fusion Coil.
  • Odin’s Raven – expose 3 or more enemies with a single Threat Sensor.
  • Pancake – eliminate an enemy by flattening them with the Repulsor.
  • Perfect – eliminate an enemy with an efficient precision weapon.
  • Pull – eliminate an enemy with a sniper rifle after a Man Cannon.
  • Quigley – eliminate 2 or more enemies with a single S7 Sniper round.
  • Remote Detonation – eliminate an enemy by throwing a grenade.
  • Return To Sender – eliminate an enemy by diverting their missile.
  • Reversal – eliminate an enemy who assaulted you first.
  • Rideshare – transport the objective bearer after driving a great distance.
  • Skyjack – commandeer an enemy aircraft.
  • Sneak King – eliminate a disguised enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee weapon.
  • Snipe – headshot an enemy with a sniper rifle.
  • Splatter – eliminate an enemy by hitting them with a vehicle.
  • Stick – eliminate an enemy by hitting them with a Plasma or Spike Grenade.
  • Tag & Bag – eliminate 2 or more enemies while exposing them using Threat Sensor.
  • Whiplash – eliminate a struggling enemy.
  • Windshield Wiper – eliminate an enemy attempting to commandeer a vehicle.

Style Medals

Same as the two previous categories, these medals can be obtained in multiple ways –but the catch is, you will certainly feel awesome when you do.

  • 360 – eliminate an enemy by shooting them right after spinning around.
  • Combat Evolved – grab a powerful weapon that was blasted off of a Weapon Pad with a Plasma Grenade.
  • Deadly Catch – attach a weapon or object to you and kill an enemy with it quickly.
  • Drive By – obtain a Double Kill as a passenger.
  • Fastball – eliminate an enemy with the impact from a deployed grenade.
  • Flyin’ High – accomplish a colossal jump in a fully-loaded vehicle.
  • From the Grave – eliminate an enemy right after you die.
  • Grapple Jack – wrestle and commandeer an enemy vehicle.
  • Hold This – eliminate an enemy immediately after dropping a weapon with your remaining gun.
  • Last Shot – eliminate an enemy with your magazine’s last round.
  • Lawnmower – demolish an enemy vehicle with the wheels of a Brute Chopper.
  • Mount Up – build a fully-loaded vehicle of 2 or more allies after honking the horn.
  • Mounted & Loaded – obtain a Double Kill with a stationary turret.
  • Off the Rack – eliminate an enemy with a weapon right after retrieving it from its original location.
  • Party’s Over – demolish a fully-loaded enemy Razorback.
  • Pineapple Express – eliminate an enemy with a grenade as a passenger.
  • Quick Draw – switching to a pistol and immediately killing an enemy.
  • Ramming Speed – Demolish an enemy vehicle by colluding with it.
  • Reclaimer – commandeer an enemy vehicle that you previously owned.
  • Shot Caller – headshot an enemy right after targeting them.
  • Special Delivery – eliminate an enemy with a Man Cannon or Grav Lift boosted grenade.
  • Street Sweeper – eliminate an enemy with the CQS48 Bulldog as a passenger.
  • Yard Sale – eliminate an enemy who had a Power weapon and a complete inventory.

Bonus Medals

These medals are only available if you play specific modes. And if you’re like we were, stuck wondering “what is a steaktacular?”, we’ve got you covered.

  • All That Juice – secure 3 Power Seeds in immediate sequence.
  • Always Rotating – apprehend all zones in one take.
  • Clock Stop – halt the enemy from achieving their final score by apprehending a zone in Strongholds.
  • Flag Joust – eliminate an enemy flag bearer while possessing your own.
  • Flawless Victory – triumph every round of a game with more than 3 rounds.
  • Fumble – eliminate the enemy Oddball bearer within moments of their triumph.
  • Goal Line Stand – eliminate the enemy Oddball bearer within moments of their victory.
  • Perfection – triumph a game with more than 15 kills without dying.
  • Power Outrage – take 3 Power Seeds in immediate sequence.
  • Steaktacular – triumph a game by overpowering the opposite team.
  • Stopped Short – eliminate an enemy flag bearer who is about to gain a point.
  • Straight Balling – bear the Oddball for 1 minute.

This may look like a lot, but as you play along, you would come to realize that these medals are a key highlight of the game. You don’t just play, you have fun and feel accomplished at the end of it all. What’s more satisfying than playing and feeling like a champ, right? Make sure to try this game out if you haven’t yet, you don’t want to miss out on the endless fun to be had!

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