Cyberpunk 2077 – Three Distinct Story Lines Explained

This article has been updated (11-12-2020) now that we’ve finally got access to the game. The core article is the same, with newly uncovered Cyberpunk 2077 story lines info added for readability.

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 has three distinct story lines that you can play through. Picking one is quite a daunting task though, as it heavily impacts your playthrough. Here’s how the three story lines differ from each other and impact your playthrough.

Three backstories

Cyberpunk 2077 offers three distinct backstories, also called Life Paths, for the player to choose from, resulting in heavily diverging story lines. As a background, you can pick between Nomad, Street Kid, and Corporate. Depending on the choice you make at the start of the game, your gameplay experience varies greatly.

We’ve noticed the substantial prologue of Cyberpunk 2077 is completely different, depending on your life path. After that, the main game also takes new twists and turns, based on your background.


The Nomad grew up in a hostile world on the outskirts of Night City (the Bad Lands). These rugged brawlers watched Mad Max and thought “let’s dress just like that.” They value vehicles over a nice studio apartment, often residing in glorified trailers. As a gang, it’s all about family for the Nomads. That means that you can use them as a lifeline, but you’re expected to return those favors.

Street Kid

Growing up on the streets, you learn to survive in the back alleys of Night City at a young age. You are ‘street smart’, which may help you get out of difficult situations with snappy banter. Even you, however, are subject to the law of the jungle, which is the only law you haven’t broken yet.


As a Copro, short for ‘corporate’, you are involved with the big corporations of Night City. Corpo’s are in control of everything but that doesn’t mean things don’t get dirty every once in a while. As an added bonus, you will have access to the highest grade additions to your body. And military weapons, of course.

How does it impact the game?

Based on our time with the game, picking a specific story line has a huge effect on your gameplay experience. First of all, every story line begins with a unique prologue (which can last longer than your average Call of Duty campaign). Depending on your ‘faction’ you are introduced to Night City in a unique way. Additionally, your choice bleeds into the actual game itself. Different dialogue options open up for you, depending on your background.

But choosing a life path isn’t just about the three different prologues. It influences the main story greatly. For example, you’ll always meet your buddy Jackie (seen in the picture above), regardless of your background. But how you meet him differs. Your dynamic with him also depends on who you chose to be. Of course, the three story lines intersect at various points throughout Cyberpunk 2077, but your initial choice gives almost every quest a different twist.

So yeah, great… now we have to spend another entire day contemplating which backstory to choose after we’re done designing our character (genitals and all). Which story line are you going to play through first?

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