Warzone Devs Considering Fix For Overpowered Dead Silence Perk

Dead Silence is probably one of the best field upgrades in Call of Duty: Warzone, though some would argue it’s overpowered. Raven Software is aware of just how useful being completely silent is. In the latest patch notes, they hint at an upcoming counter to fix Dead Silence.

Warzone’s Dead Silence counter

In the blogpost, Raven Software announces that they’re looking at a way to nerf Dead Silence. As many fans have argued since Warzone came out, the field upgrade basically doesn’t have a downside.

Most pieces of attainable equipment use an animation at the very least. Most additionally make a sounds when you activate them. There’s one exception, which is Dead Silence. It is instant to use, no wind-up, no sounds, and most importantly, no counter. If you activate it, you’re just fast and silent; there’s no downside.

We are exploring all avenues in terms of changes to provide ‘fair’  and ‘reactable’ counterplay options to Dead Silence. A decision like this must be made carefully especially considering how it may destabilize other aspects of the game. We cannot promise anything at this moment but as we close in on an appropriate solution, we will share more details. Sit tight.

In other words, Raven Software is looking to make Warzone slightly more fair for everyone by enabling a counter to Dead Silence. It’s unclear what they have in mind. They might remove the speed boost or make footsteps more audible. They might even add a new field upgrade that gives you super hearing?

As of writing, there’s no word on when we can expect the changes to be implemented.

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