Gamer Earns Guinness World Record for having First 2 Million Xbox GamerScore

Remember scouring every inch of each new game you played to get those almighty Xbox GamerScores?  Yeah, the ones that if you had the most, you had all the bragging rights. Well, Stallion83, real name Raymond Cox, takes GamerScores quite seriously and now has all the bragging rights, over literally everyone.

In fact, he’s so into unlocking every last Achievement that he’s just achieved the world’s first, two million GamerScore mark, not to mention he was also the first to pass one million. Raymond also earnt a Guinness World Record in the process too.


His big moment was caught live on a Twitch stream, where he hit the milestone with a favourite game, Halo 2. Oh yeah, a side note, he also likes dressing up as Master Chief while he games, and hikes. Seriously, look it up.

“I’ve been searching for a proper achievement title [to play for the 2 million points mark] for weeks and I just couldn’t find anything,” he told Guinness. “Halo is my favourite franchise so when I fired [Halo: The Master Chief Collection] up while searching for a game, it hit me that it should be the game I use.”


As soon as Halo 2’s final cut scenes came to an end, Stallion was awarded with the remaining GamerScore needed to reach the two million. Microsoft even sent Raymond a special “2,000,000 G” controller to congratulate him – totally worth it.

The question on everyone’s lips, will he be going for 3 million? “This, I don’t know,” Stallion said. “Two million has taken 13 years. I got my first achievement on 22 November 2005. So, I did the two million almost 13 years to the day. I’ll always love video games and achievements, and I’ll always be playing and going for them.”

How impressive is your GamerScore? What do you make of Stallion83’s achievement? Make sure you let us know!