Battlefield 2042’s New Mode ‘Portal’ Redefines Custom Games For The Franchise

Battlefield 2042 has unveiled yet another new mode for the upcoming multiplayer game coming this holiday season. While many players were anticipating the recently announced mode ‘Hazard Zone’, DICE decided to announce their other mode, named ‘Portal’.

Can you imagine a sandbox for Battlefield where you have access to all previous Battlefield assets from Battlefield 3, BF 1942, and BF: Bad Company 2, including weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and even what decade your enemies are from?! The possibilities for game modes and experiences are pretty much endless that players will come up with.


Battlefield Portal

Battlefield Portal will allow players to create completely custom and unique game modes (though specifically not a battle royale, DICE stressed). But instead of just your typical custom game, DICE took it a step further. They decided to give players access to not only the assets from Battlefield 2042, but also complete access top three classic and beloved Battlefield games going back to Battlefield 1942.

That’s right. And DICE displayed that with some of the modes created by lucky insiders who got an early look at the Battlefield Portal. For example, one player created a game mode where one team of 4 players from Battlefield 2042 face off against 32 players from Battlefield 1942.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can make an infection mode, a gun game mode….you get the point. There is a vast level of creative complexity just waiting to be tapped into.

Classic BF Maps

Not only does Battlefield Portal allow players to create their most intense battle fantasies, they are also including many classic maps from the previous Battlefield’s. Maps such as Caspian Border, Arica Harbor, El Alamein, Valparaiso and more.

As you can tell this seems to be the central point for the entire Battlefield franchise so classic maps could keep popping up. It’s not clear if every old map will be included in the Portal. But from the sounds of it, they really have created Battlefield Portal with their fans in mind so we are hopeful that classic maps will be a focus.

No purchase necessary

Battlefield Portal is available to everyone. Not just those who purchase Battlefield 2042. You don’t need a copy of the game to create game modes, just your EA login. Players can create game types with their set parameters but you will need a copy of the game to actually play the game modes.

Then once they are actually in a game they can play their pre-made game type. Players can also copy and share a code to allow friends to copy and edit their custom game type.

Battlefield Portal is a “Love letter” to fans

During the presentation, General Manager at Ripple Effect Christian Grass called Battlefield Portal a “love letter” to Battlefield fans. And he couldn’t be more spot on. OG fans of Battlefield will undoubtedly be creating exciting new game modes on classic maps.

And for those new to Battlefield, it’s a great way for them to experience the feel of the old games with the shiny new graphics of Battlefield 2042. It will truly be an exciting game type that is sure to create a fun experience. We can’t wait to see what players come up with.

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