Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Reveal: Everything We’ve Hoped For And More

DICE and Electronic Arts finally shared the first actual gameplay for Battlefield 2042 in a 3-minute long gameplay reveal trailer. Here’s a rundown of everything we spotted today, including the wing suits, grappling hook, and in-match weapon modding!

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Reveal

From the get go, it’s clear that Battlefield is back. Inception horns roar as players strap C4 to an ATV and drive it straight into a helicopter. Soldiers hold on for dear life as their transport helicopter has to face off with an Apache. Tanks, helicopters, jets, and tuk-tuks dodge explosions everywhere around you.

The Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal trailer shows many firsts for the franchise. Of course, this is the first Battlefield where 128 players fight in a single match. Be advised though, that 128 player matches are only available for next-gen concoles and PC.

While it’s a little hard to see (as the trailer is quite paced) some maps are absolutely enormous. We’re talking one capture point existing of multiple smaller capture points! Notice that every scene you see, is just one of the many accessible areas on a map.

PLUS System

We also catch a first glimpse of the PLUS weapon system, introduced by Battlefield 2042. You can now mod your guns on the fly. The menu used to switch out scopes, muzzle devices, magazines and grips resembles a plus, hence the name.

In theory, you should be able to engage an enemy up close, and spot his buddy way in the distance. You can then duck behind cover, equip a magnifying scope, and with the same weapon grease the other guy as well. This fundamentally changes the game’s inner workings.

New abilities

The Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal trailer also emphasizes a bunch of brand-new features. For example, tall buildings have ziplines connecting them. Wing suits give great mobility as opposed to parachutes; the former gives players a third person perspective while the latter stays in first person.

The trailer also reveals some (new) Specialties. We see the wing suit and grappling hook in action. Both give players a new level of mobility, completely transforming the franchise. There’s also a glimpse of a riot shield and the Stim pistol.  In our Battlefield 2042 characters article we dive deeper into the Specialists.

Other blink and you’ll miss ’em moments

  • 0:20 – Capture point A consists of A1, A2, and A3
  • 0:43 – Grappling Hook
  • 0:58 – Apparently anyone can call in vehicles, Amazon Prime’d right to their location
  • 1:17 – The tank tracks seem to warp and deform when they drive over stuff
  • 1:35 – PLUS System, on the fly weapon modding
  • 2:00 – That helicopter seems to have multiple gunners shooting independently from one another
  • 2:12 – The tuk-tuk didn’t stand a chance!
  • 2:13 – You put up your hand near the storm, making hip-firing the only option?
  • 2:17 – That Osprey was sucked into the tornado and it looks amazing
  • 2:26 – The new hovercraft
  • 2:33 – Riot shield

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Battlefield 2042 comes out on October 22nd for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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