Apex Legends: Abilities Of New Tracker Character ‘Seer’ Revealed

Respawn Entertainment recently announced the newest Apex Legends character called Seer, though his abilities were still a mystery. Until EA Play Live 2021 came along. The developers didn’t share Seer’s in-game abilities verbatim, but described them in great detail. Here’s what you can expect, when the next season of Apex launches on August 3rd.

Apex Legends: Seer abilities

Seer seems to have his role in common with Bloodhound, steadily one of the best characters in the game. Their primary role is the same: gather intel. Bloodhound does it with a scan or their vision. Seer does is with thousands of microdrones.

  • Passive: While you’re aiming down sights, you have a heartbeat sensor to indicate where an enemy might be
  • Tactical: If you think you’ve located them, you can send out some of those drones that come out of Seer’s chest, that will reveal and track the all enemies in that area
  • Ultimate: Seer can send out all his microdrones to create a sphere, tracking everyone in it, unless they move very slowly

Note that tracking is key in all of Seer’s abilities, a feature not yet introduced in Apex Legends. Yes, Bloodhound can temporarily reveal enemies, but Seer actually tracks them. It’s unclear how long the drones follow an enemy. But given that he doesn’t really do anything else, it’s likely they stay with an enemy longer than Bloodhound’s scan.

Seer launches with the release of Season 10: Emergence on August 3rd. Also expect some big changes to the World’s Edge map (avalanches incoming), the Ranked Arena mode, and a new weapon, the Rampage LMG.

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment / Electronic Arts


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