Apex Legends Season 9 Had A Rough But Hilarious Launch

Yesterday’s Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy launch was extremely rough, but it made for some hilarious situations. The newest season introduces a lot of juicy new content, which made a record amount of players boot up the game. That, and some apparent technical difficulties made for a rocky start. Luckily, everything seems to mostly be working fine now.

Apex Legends Season 9 – So much new stuff

One of the reasons why Apex Legends Season 9 absolutely melted Respawn’s servers, has to do with the new content. As always, a new season introduces a new character. Season 8 brought us Fuse (check out a full guide on him here), and while a badass character, he isn’t something totally different.

Season 9 introduces Valkyrie, a character that can literally fly. So it’s easy to see why everyone jumped on the Apex hype train again. Additionally, Season 9 introduces a brand new 3v3 competitive mode. It features a bunch of new maps, a new buy system, and the butt-clenching intensity of a CS:GO match.

Oh, and Season 9 also introduced a new weapon called Bowcek, an actual recurve bow. So lot’s of new mechanics and gameplay possibilities this season.

Technical (sometimes hilarious) problems

Besides the huge surge of excited players, Apex Legends’ servers had some technical problems too. On Twitter, Respawn kept gamers up to date on a specific thread. It detailed the issues players experienced, like not being able to log in, and orders on the marketplace not getting through.

But the more hilarious problems happened in-game. Personally, I had a tough time even getting in the game due to server issues, but I was greeted with a twitching menu. Once I started a round of Battle Royale, it either gave me the first six or literally every Legend in the game to choose from.

Note that I didn’t actually buy every Legend. So after being tempted to just play with Valkyrie, I realized Respawn might consider me a cheater and quickly backed out.

I even played a round with multiple Pathfinders in one squad. I didn’t even choose that character, but got it as a duplicate anyways. In the end, the game chose Lifeline for me. And then there were technical and visual bugs like the one seen below. I mean, Apex’ style is nice, but maybe Apex Legends 2 do with a more Roblox kind of style?

Roblox is having a crossover with Apex! from apexlegends

Again, Respawn seems to have fixed most of the problems since last night. People that looked forward to the release of Season 9 might have been a bit disappointed. But it’s live, and it’s pretty amazing at that!

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