Apex Legends Fuse Character Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Season 8 of Apex Legends is upon us and with that comes the release of Fuse, a new character for us to experiment and win battles with. Truth be told, it’s going to get a whole lot messier with Fuse around, given he’s a bombshell of a character with an obsession for explosives. In this Fuse guide, we’ll dive deep into how to dominate with him in Apex Legends.

Season 8: Mayhem has officially started on February 2nd with the destruction of King’s Canyon and the introduction of Fuse. With Apex Legends launching on the Nintendo Switch soon, it is a great time to get a Nintendo eShop Card, so get it before you regret it! Now, let’s get on to this Apex Legends Fuse character guide, shall we?


Who is Fuse?

Before we get into the technical parts, let’s get to know our new character a little better. Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy hails from the planet of Salvo with an explosive backstory (literally, that’s why he has a mechanical arm). His abilities show that he is best at mid-long range.

He’s known to be an aggressive character that relies on explosives to get the job done. His favorite weapon would be the 30-30 Repeater Rifle which is a good long-range weapon with massive damage to get out of sticky situations.


How To Unlock Fuse?

We suppose that making a guide without telling you how to get his character would be an evil thing, like dangling a bone above a dog’s face. So here are two ways to unlock Fuse:

  • Spend 12,000 Legend Tokens
  • Spend 750 Apex Coins

Legend Tokens is basically the free option as you get said currency from leveling up while Apex Coins can be bought with real world money through the in-game store. 1,000 Apex Coins cost about USD 9.99, so for under USD 10, you could get a new character.



Fuse’s Abilities

Ability Type Description
Grenadier Passive Stacks an extra grenade per inventory slot.

Fire grenades faster, farther, and with more accuracy.

Knuckle Cluster Tactical Launches a cluster bomb which continuously releases airburst explosives on impact.

When stuck to a surface/enemy, deals 10 DMG. Takes 1.5 secs to cluster multiple mini-explosions which deal 50 DMG per grenade.

25 secs cooldown.

Does not affect teammates, but affects Fuse.

The Motherlode Ultimate Launch bombs that circles a targeted area with a wall of flame.

Can be fired from 200m away and ADS before launching into a 3x zoom.

Does 35 DMG and slows enemies which persists in increments of 8 to a maximum of 75 DMG.

Does not affect teammates but affects Fuse.

120 secs cooldown.


Tips To Using Fuse’s Abilities


Fuse is the only character that can stack an extra grenade in his inventory slot which in turn frees up slots for other items or more grenades – which is always a good option. With his passive, he can fling grenades pretty far with high accuracy so it’s hard for you to mess it up.

An effective way to use his ability would be to have teammates keep supplying you with grenades as you continuously throw them at your enemies. Side note: equip yourself with the Frag Grenade, Thermite Grenade, or Arc Star as they can all be thrown and creates substantial damage. The only other tip here is to practice on your aim and strategize your throws for maximum damage.



Knuckle Cluster

If you don’t have any more grenades left or just decide to save them for later, no worries! Fuse always has grenades on him, or in this case – in him. The Knuckle Cluster could be used as a painful distraction as well, while your teammates go in for the kill. Another option is to use it to break down doors to prevent ambushes or to instantly kill enemies hiding behind them.

Plus, if you’re ever backed into a corner, firing Knuckle Cluster could hold your enemies back and buy time for your team to escape. Aside from that, it can be used to subvert other characters’ Ultimates, abilities, and equipment.

Minor note: as you can interfere with other characters’ abilities, they can do the same to you as well. Characters like Wattson could intercept your bombs and stop them from detonating altogether.


The Motherlode

An explosive ability with the advantage of range, The Motherlode is a cruel and inescapable Ultimate ability. That makes up for its lack of huge area of effect. This ability should not be used in an enclosed space as it only fires upwards in an arc unless you want to be trapped altogether with your enemies.

Another thing to note: only the outer ring of fire causes damage, so if the enemy chooses to stay still in the middle, they would not be affected by the attack. However, this is where other abilities/teammates come in as they can just blatantly attack the enemy that is trapped in the middle. The ring of fire only affects Fuse and the enemy, so your allies should be alright.



Strength & Weaknesses Tips

Equip Long-Range Weapons

From what we’ve learned, we know that Fuse is best at mid-long range attacks due to his abilities. With that in mind, you may want to consider equipping at least one long-range weapon to complement his situation. Weapons such as the 30-30 Repeater, Hemlock, and G7-Scout would make the most use and impact for his character.


Avoid Wattson

Wattson is the best and perfect counter for Fuse as she can diffuse bombs and grenades with her Interception Pylon ability. As all of his abilities rely on bombs and grenades, it’s best for you to just run whenever you see Wattson coming. Fuse is basically powerless in this case. If you don’t want to run, the only option is to rely on your equipped weapons, so make sure you have something powerful in your arsenal.


Soft Counters

Of course, Fuse is not entirely powerful or unstoppable that Wattson is his only weakness. Other characters could counter him effectively, although not entirely. As long as Fuse is blinded, he can be powerless as you need to be able to see or have an idea of where your enemies are to shoot them with explosives. Be wary of characters like Caustic and Bangalore here.

Aside from that, characters that are fast and can outrun or avoid him altogether are also part of his counters, mainly because his abilities are in the mid-long range. Characters of note would be Octane, Wraith, Horizon, and Pathfinder.


Fuse As A Counter

Just as Fuse has counters, he can also be a counter to other characters. He can be a hard counter for Lifeline and Rampart as their abilities coincide. Knuckle Cluster could be used to finish off low HP revived characters or those that are trying to heal with the D.O.C. Heal Drone.

It could also be used to destroy Rampart’s Amped Walls ability or attack her as she is busy with her Emplaced Minigun. The Motherlode could just as easily trap players who are busy surrounding the D.O.C. or Lifeline’s Care Package.


For soft counters, Fuse can disrupt Revenant’s Death Totem ability by using The Motherlode to trap targets as they travel. He is also the best counter for group situations like when players are huddled together for Loba’s Black Market Boutique.


Maximizing Potential

As an explosive character, he benefits the most when there is a Pathfinder or Octane on his team as either one could help him get to higher ground and rain down explosives on enemies. It is also helpful to have Octane’s Jump Pad ability for finishing off enemies trapped in The Motherlode’s ring of fire.

Other than that, Fuse paired up with trackers like Bloodhound and Crypto could be lethal as well. Mainly because they can hunt down enemies for Fuse to blow up, all while keeping a distance. The enemy won’t even know what hit them until it’s too late.

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