Tips & Tricks to Start on Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is the smartphone edition of EA’s class-based battle royale shooter. If you’re here, that means you’re new to the game and want to get good fast. There are no shortcuts in a skill-based game like Apex Legends Mobile, but with the tips in this guide, you can leapfrog the learning curve and improve quickly.

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Apex Legends Mobile tips

Learn the Controls

One of the first big decisions you’ll make when playing Apex Legends Mobile is choosing between Classic or Apex Style control schemes. Both schemes are similar, but Classic should feel more familiar to those with experience in other battle royale mobile games. The main difference is the location of certain inputs relative to the right stick — in Apex Style, touch-based buttons are grouped closer around the right thumbstick.

Long-time veterans will recommend Apex controls, but we suggest trying both out and sticking with the option that’s immediately more comfortable. Don’t let “optimized” setups get in the way of your learning process. What’s important, first and foremost, is wrapping your head around the multitude of unique mechanics in Apex Legends Mobile. The last thing we want in these early stages is to waste time grappling with the controls.

If you really want to fine-tune the controls to your hands, you can always manually adjust the HUD layout. From our experience, the most comfortable method is to hook your phone up to a Bluetooth controller so you can get the authentic console experience.

Start with Bangalore, Bloodhound, or Lifeline

At the time of writing, there are 18 Legends (characters) for you to pick from, each with their own unique skillset and strengths. Honestly, knowing which Legend best fits your playstyle is something that comes with time and experience, so don’t overthink it. If you’re not sure which Legends to start with, your safest options are Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Lifeline.

Bangalore is about as close as Apex Legends Mobile has to your standard military operative from your typical first-person shooter. She’s an all-rounder with a toolkit designed for aggressive play.

Bloodhound has abilities that allow them to track enemy movements by highlighting footprints and important environmental clues. When you’re playing with randoms, Bloodhound offers vital intelligence that makes you instantly important to the squad. And their Ultimate is a literal wallhack.

Lifeline’s healing abilities can spell the difference between a sure loss and a scrappy victory. But just because she’s a support Legend doesn’t mean she isn’t able to dish out the damage. Deploying her D.O.C. Heal Drone will keep allies in the vicinity healed up while you lay down the hurt with your weapon, and if you’re ever in need of resupply, Care Package brings the gear and ammunition your squad needs.

Keep Moving At All Times

Apex Legends Mobile offers a much faster, action-oriented take on the battle royale formula. If you’re coming in from a game like PUBG or even a pacier title like Free Fire, the blistering speed of Apex Legends Mobile can be disorienting.

One of the first things you’ll need to understand is that movement is life — if you stay still, you’re dead. Where in PUBG you might hole up in one spot for several minutes. But the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile are bright and colorful and have a distinct profile; if you stand still, you stand out.

Always stay moving, even when doing something as mundane as scanning the distance for targets. Strafing is your friend, so you should spam it all the time — when pinging the next target, grabbing loot, or even running from point A to point B. Always operate under the assumption that someone sees you, so wiggle and dodge accordingly.

You Run Faster with Your Gun Holstered

This tip ties into the last one. When you’re dancing your way through the battlefield, you can holster your weapon to run even faster.

Obviously, you want your gun out at the ready in case someone jumps out from behind the corner. In close quarters or highly-congested areas, you almost never want to put your gun away. This mechanic is best used in situations where you’re hoofing it from one spot to the next or when you want to cross long distances as efficiently as possible.

As a bonus tip, you can quickly pick up speed with the slide ability. Many characters also have mobility abilities to traverse dangerous areas quickly.

Pick Up Any Guns and Attachments You Find

There are a ton of weapons and attachments in Apex Legends Mobile — too many for you to memorize in your first few hours of play. When you come across a new item, just pick it up and get on with your business.

The game will automatically equip any loot that’s better than the stuff you have on. In almost all cases, a higher-class attachment will be better than the one you have equipped. The less time you spend in the inventory the better.


This tip should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often players don’t take advantage of the various communication methods available in Apex Legends Mobile. A good mic is always a plus, but if you’re microphone shy, Apex Legends Mobile has a brilliant contextual ping system that works in the majority of situations.

Found a new weapon that you don’t need? Ping it. Spot an enemy peeking from behind a hiding spot? Ping them. Communication is key in any team-based game. Take advantage of your communication options in Apex Legends Mobile and share any and all intel with your squadmates.


That wraps up our list of tips for players new to Apex Legends Mobile. Let the learning process happen naturally. With time and experience — and the tips in this guide — you’ll quickly get the hang of things. Soon, you’ll be smashing foes and winning games against the best.

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