Bethesda Announces Official Indiana Jones Game

Disney recently announced the return of Star Wars’ Lucasfilm Games to their portfolio and to celebrate, Bethesda has revealed an official upcoming Indiana Jones video game. The game is being developed by Wolfenstein reboot developer MachineGames and published by Bethesda.

Bethesda announces Indiana Jones

In a Tweet, American published Bethesda announces an upcoming Indiana Jones videogame. Fans of the iconic movie legend will also be pleased to hear they’ll get “a wholly original, standalone tale set at the height of the career of the famed adventurer”. The teaser trailer also confirms the inclusion of Jones’ iconic whip and fedora!

A follow-up Tweet announces some more exciting news. Bethesda’s own Todd Howard will produce the Indiana Jones game. He American game designer has previously overseen production of Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series. Bethesda additionally writes:

A new Indiana Jones game with an original story is in development from our studio, MachineGames, and will be executive produced by Todd Howard, in collaboration with LucasfilmGames. It’ll be some time before we have more to reveal, but we’re very excited to share today’s news!

So before you dust off your fedora and sharpen your wit; it’ll be a while before we hear more, the company announces. Thus far, we don’t have an official title yet, nor do we know who’s going to voice the legendary character. It’s also still unclear if we’ll be kicking Nazi butt in the game, though given MachineGames’ trackrecord, that is highly likely.

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

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