How To Check Your Warzone Skill Based Match Making Rating

CoD: Warzone uses a system called skill based match making (SBMM), and there’s a tool to check your rating. The game itself does not use any transparent rating system. But with SBMMWarzone you can quantify why you’ve been getting your ass handed to you for the past couple of rounds.

Warzone SBMM rating

Skill based match making has always been a controversial system within the Call of Duty community. I would argue it’s a crucial system, though some transparency would be nice. Additionally, there should be systems in place to prevent cheesing SBMM. More on that later.

The transparency bit has now been fixed. By a third party, that is. The tool linked in the intro works like a charm. You simply input a user name and the tool gives you all the games that player has played recently. In fact, besides your own k/d you can see everyone’s statistics from a particular match.

That leads us to the actual Warzone skill rating. After a game, you can inspect the lobby you were in. The rating is determined by an algorithm, and shows you how tough a lobby was. For example, a lobby could be Silver 5, meaning you’d be in the bottom 26% of all players. Yes, that’s from my own experience.

Cheesing the system

There are however ways of cheesing the system. Recently, a couple of streamers broke the world record of most Warzone kills.. by 22 kills! As Dexerto reports, the community quickly became suspicious and investigated the record, only to find out the lobby the two streamers got their world record in, was Bronze 5. In other words, they were playing with the 1% worst players of Warzone.

How exactly they cheesed the system isn’t quite clear. But apart from ‘official’ statistics, SBMMWarzone is a fun way to retroactively check what happened to you and your pals. You might have had an insane round, which is even more awesome if you discover that that particular Warzone lobby was above your skill rating. Or, if you get the living crap kicked out of you, it’s nice to know you were punching above your weight in the first place.

It’s unclear how exactly the third party tool gets it’s data. But from what we can tell, it’s 100% accurate in terms of match statistics. It is however impossible for us to verify the lobby difficulty rating. So use at your own discretion!

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