Huge Red Dead Online Update Adds Naturalist Role, New Guns And More

Rockstar Games has released a huge update for the Online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. Besides a new Outlaw Pass, the update adds a new Frontier Pursuit called The Naturalist, a new weapon, and a bunch of tweaks and cosmetic items.

Red Dead Online adds Naturalist role

The biggest addition with this huge Red Dead Online patch is the introduction of a fifth role, the Naturalist. The MMO started out with three roles, and added a fourth back in december. Besides bounty hunting, trading, collecting, and moonshining, players can now really make use of the huge open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s vast biomes house a huge variety of flora and fauna. It’s up to the Naturalist to turn that into a business.

As a Naturalist, you’re torn between two major paths. If you choose to work for Harriet Davenport, you’re going to collect samples of wildlife humanely; you can get access to a Varmint Rifle with sedative cartridges and revive potions.

Conversely, if you side with poacher Gus McMillan, you’re tasked with hunting down Legendary animals. He grants access to an upgraded Bow and the new Elephant Rifle. Along with those story lines, you can expect many other perks and rewards if you choose to pursue the Naturalist role. As always, it costs 25 Gold Bars to ‘buy’ the role.

Outlaw Pass 3

The update also launches the Outlaw Pass 3. Much like the previous season passes, it opens up a paid and free progress reward trees. With each level, you are rewarded in-game items, money, bonuses, and more. Here’s a selection of what you can earn with the Outlaw Pass 3, which costs 40 Gold Bars:

  • 40 Gold Bars
  • New rewards, offers and aesthetic perks for the Naturalist Role
  • Unique weapon customization options
  • New camp upgrades

The newest update for Red Dead Online is live right now, though Rockstar hasn’t published patch notes yet. The new Outlaw Pass is also live and runs through October 19th.

Image credit: Rockstar Games

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