Escape From Tarkov — Rogues Explained

Escape From Tarkov introduces Rogues as AI characters with the addition of Lighthouse in Patch 0.12.12. In this article, we’ll explain what the heavily armed dudes are and how you should interact with them. This is part of our extensive Escape From Tarkov guide series, so make sure to check out that page for any other questions you have about the game!

Escape From Tarkov: Rogues

With every patch for EFT, it’s getting harder to discern players from Scavs, AI from humans. Battlestate Games, wanting to see us suffer, added another faction of insanely scary soldiers to the game: Rogues. Lore-wise they’re former USEC’s (the American mercenary faction the player can choose from) turned evil. Now, they’re roaming the Norvinsk region and make other people’s lives miserable in the process.

Where to find them

When we say Norvinsk, we mean the Lighthouse area really. As of writing, the only place where Rogues spawn is on Lighthouse on the far west of the map (see image below). They guard a highly dangerous water treatment plant, shooting machineguns from the roofs and patrolling the area in pairs.

Image credit: Escape From Tarkov Wiki

In terms of AI ‘strength’ they are way more dangerous than your average Scav. In fact, Rogues have approximately the same amount of health as Labs/Reserve Raiders. They also run similar gear and employ basically the same tactic of aiming at your head and taking it clean off.

Reputation and faction dynamics

So how do you take them out? That entirely depends on the character you’re controller at that time. Note that if you decide to kill Rogues, Escape From Tarkov sees you as their enemy for multiple raids. But it doesn’t start out like that.

  • As a Scav Rogues won’t shoot on sight, unless you enter one of their precious buildings
  • A player controlled USEC PMC isn’t hostile to Rogues, again unless you get too close. Or if a USEC groups up with a BEAR (through the menu, not during a raid)
  • Rogues hate BEAR’s in particular and will shoot on sight, even from afar

So regardless of your faction, Rogues can turn on you if you get in their way. Alternatively, shooting one also turns you into an enemy for multiple raids. As of writing it’s unknown for how many raids this debuff lasts.

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