NEW Apex Legends character Octane abilities possibly leaked [IMG]

The mere existence of the character in the wildly successful game, Apex Legends, was a rumor just two weeks ago.

Fortnite’s Revenue Has Dropped 50% Since December

Is Fortnite dying?

Epic Announces “Fortnite World Cup” With Over $100 Million in Prize Pool Money

Epic is going to be running tournaments conveniently called the “Fortnite World Cup” which starts with ten weekly online open qualifiers. These qualifiers will run from April 13th through June…

Remaster of Fallout 3 or New Vegas Coming Soon?

Yesterday, a new Bethesda game appeared on Amazon. This information was spotted by huge Fallout fan, Wario64. Amazon lists the title as a placeholder and the image was just a…

Ninja’s Subscriber Count Has Dwindled From 263,000 To Just 26,000

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was easily one of the most popular stars to come from 2018. If you haven’t heard of Ninja, you may wanna move back to your underground cave.…

Dying Light 2’s “Wildcard Factions” and Vehicles Upon Launch

The hype of Dying Light 2 has calmed dramatically since its appearance at E3, most people have seemed to forget about this huge upcoming AAA title. Dying Light 2 introduces…

Sony will focus more on multiplayer with the PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment has said that they will be focusing more on multiplayer with the Playstation 5.

Alfonso Ribeiro doesn’t own “Carlton Dance”, says US Copyright Office

A representative of the US Copyright Office told Ribeiro’s attorney that the actor’s attempt to secure the rights to the dance is being denied.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake announced for Switch

The much loved Zelda franchise dropped an overwhelmingly stunning announcement last night during the Nintendo Direct presentation.

New Call of Duty will have Single Player Campaign, Co-op—No mention of zombies. Could it be MW4?

New information has surfaced on the new Call of Duty.

Why is Sony skipping E3 2019?

Why would a major company skip the biggest fair in the gaming industry? The decision made by Sony’s PlayStation to skip this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, widely called E3. This…