New Call of Duty will have Single Player Campaign, Co-op—No mention of zombies. Could it be MW4?

New information has surfaced on the new Call of Duty. Infinity Ward has been confirmed as the developers behind the next release of the widely known franchise Call of Duty and a lot of buzz has been bouncing around in the community regarding where the franchise will go next.

Many fans speculate the next release will be Modern Warfare 4. It’s not a far stretch to think we could see a return to a more grounded, story-focused experience after Black Ops 4’s departure from singleplayer. As fun and exciting as it may be, Black Ops 4 being strictly multiplayer has left some players wanting the more traditional single player campaign as well as a well developed multiplayer.

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Many players have theorized that the next move to be made by Activision will be a counter to the all-multiplayer experience offered with Black Ops 4.

Ranking members of Activision have revealed small clues into what that next move may be. In the latest CYQ4’18 earnings call, a new campaign was confirmed, along with multiplayer and co-op. No talk of zombies was ever mentioned throughout the conversation, leading to further speculation that the next release will be Modern Warfare 4.  

“This Fall’s launch is going to resonate very powerfully with our community. It is an amazing game, it’ll feature an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world, and fun co-op gameplay,”

Activision COO Coddy Johnson said in the call: 

“But from day one we’ve been really excited. Every time we’ve shown this title internally it’s just created a ton of buzz.”

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The new Call of Duty is expected to sell less than Black Ops 4 did during the holiday season of 2018. But, Activision CEO Dennis Durkin went on to say:

“In Q4 2019, we’ll have another major launch for the franchise that will appeal broadly to both existing and new fans with what I can only describe right now as a great step forward in the franchise that is also rooted in Call of Duty’s history. We have high expectations for the game,”

So we could see a “turning of the page” to say coming from Activision. More information should surface in early to mid summer, likely as part of events surrounding the E3 timeline. When we learn of new information we will be the first to let you know!

Let us know what you think about the information shared in the earnings call. Do you think the campaign itself will be co-op? Or will it be a standalone game type?