CoD: Warzone Nukes Revealed By In-Game Glitch (Video)

Call of Duty: Warzone appears to be gearing up for an upcoming end-of-season event involving nukes, a glitch reveals.

We’ve long speculated that Activision had something like this planned. It’s all but confirmed, now that multiple players recorded an in-game glitch that sent the nukes flying.

Warzone nukes glitch

Warzone Season 2 shouldn’t end for another two weeks. A recent glitch however launched the accompanying nuke-event early.

It’s not clear exactly how or why the nukes launched already, though it is quite clear that Activision didn’t want this to happen.

While imposing at first, the nuke (seen below, via Eurogamer) simply seems to clip through the map without an actual explosion at the end. The audio also suddenly stops on impact.

What makes the whole glitch even weirder, is the fact that multiple Warzone players recorded the nuke-incident over multiple game modes.

Nukes start flying, Russian operators start chatting, and the anti-climactic impact of the nukes ensues. Maybe someone at Raven Software accidentally pressed the red launch button early?

We’ll probably see actual explosions in a couple of weeks. Warzone Season 2 will start on April 22nd. Before then, a Fortnite-esque end of season-event may obliterate Verdansk.

The nukes will supposedly terminate the ongoing zombie infestation. A Cold War-themed map would then replace Verdansk for the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for more information on Warzone, the upcoming nukes, and the cause of the glitch.

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