Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z Trailer Reveals Terrifying Boss

Treyarch shows off the upcoming Firebase Z map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, which will include multiple new boss types. And they’re scary. Set in the jungle of Vietnam, a squad of players is (as always) tasked with surviving an onslaught of zombies.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Boss

The latest trailer (seen below) shows off the upcoming Black Ops Cold War Zombie DLC, consisting of the Firebase Z map. It’s huge, it’s fiery, and it’s filled with zombies. As always, the map is divided into multiple sections, with power-ups, machine guns, and sci-fi traps scattered throughout.

What’s new though, is multiple ‘new’ Boss types. The first one shown in the trailer looks a bit like the Demogorgons from Stranger Things. It has a huge, purple glowing mouth where plenty of players will eventually lose their lives. Later on in the trailer, the well known Russian Mangler Solider from previous iterations in the franchise can be seen, sporting his Russian armor, an energy weapon and two sickles.

Besides those two, we catch a glimpse of one more Zombies boss at the tail end of the Black Ops Firebase Z trailer. It’s an enormous, terrifying looking cyclops that shoots lazer out its eyes. Players speculate that it’s an easter egg boss fight (so it won’t spawn regularly). Let’s just say we’re fine with it not actually spawning. I mean, look at the size of it!

If you do have to fight him or one of the other monsters, there’s a new tool to do so coming with Firebase Z. Apparently some Russian engineers figured out how to convert an AK to a plasma shooting ray-gun. Speaking of guns, if you want to gear up properly for multiplayer in the meantime, check out this article.

That, and probably a lot more is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on February 4th. It’s free for all players who own a copy of the game.

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