CoD: Black Ops Cold War Player Achieves Prestige… Without A Single Kill!

Getting Prestige rank can be a grind for many Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players, but one dedicated gamer did it without hurting a single soul. A Reddit-user by the name of Pilgore1 shows off his unusually achieved Prestige status on the forum.

Black Ops Cold War Prestige without a kill

A Black Ops Cold War player achieves the Prestige rank by hitting level 50. Doing so requires well over half a million XP. You earn XP by doing what any CoD player does: killing. But Pilgore1 decided to take a different route, not killing anyone at all.

Getting prestige a different way. from blackopscoldwar

It took him 37 hours and 14 minutes to achieve Prestige. Answering a question by a commenter, Pilgore1 explained he did it by playing the “objective and clearing the sky”. The latter would’ve been quite nice for his teammates (provided they didn’t hate him for not shooting the enemy in the first place). He focused on shooting down enemy kill streaks like Spy Plane and Attack Helicopter.

Used all 3 LMG’s with the vehicle damage barrel and lock-on launcher/. Engineer, the perk that reduces field upgrade time and cold blooded. As for objective, just throw my body on there

Now just imagine a sudden sneeze, a pull of the trigger and a single accidental kill. Then just realizing you ruined the entire grind. It’s unclear whether the Prestige pacifist plans on leveling even further without the use of violence.

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