Warzone Temporarily Removes All Vehicles After Game Breaking Bug

Call of Duty: Warzone has temporarily removed all vehicles from the game. As of writing, there are no quick ways to quickly get from a to b.

Instead, you’re going to have to start walking. And with that, the whole dynamic of the game changes. The culprit? A bug that made vehicles shut down Warzone entirely.

Warzone vehicles removed

Activision and Infinity Ward announce the removal of all vehicles from Warzone in the tweet seen below. It doesn’t go into detail as to why the quicker ways of transportation are eliminated from the game.

Game breaking bug

Luckily for us though, observant reporters at Eurogamer quickly spotted the underlying reason. As it turns out, a bug made using vehicles shut Warzone down.

As shown in the video below, players that went out of bounds in a vehicle, crashed the server. Your read that right, not their game, but the entire server.

After going out of bounds, players would normally get a countdown, imploring them to go back to the payable area. But a recent update seemed to have broken that system.

The countdown appears to be frozen, while the player is still able to move around freely. All other game functions are shutdown though, so no exiting the vehicle. Then, the entire server crashes.

Take a hike, Mike

It’s unknown how long the new playlists are staying. What we do know, is that Warzone regulars like Game Enthusiast founder Mike have to hike. A lot.

Quickly taking a chopper to run from the closing circle isn’t possible anymore. So now, players have to make sure they’re leaving the soon to be uninhabitable zone a lot sooner than they used to.


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