Xbox Series S Price And Design Officially Announced!

After a months-long stalemate, Microsoft finally pulled the trigger: the Xbox Series S is coming. The company announced the upcoming, cheapest version of the Xbox Series series on Twitter after leaks started emerging. It is said to be the smallest Xbox ever.

Xbox Series S Announced

Rumors about a cheaper next-gen Xbox circled around the internet for a while. After the actual design and price were leaked WindowsCentral, Microsoft decided to make it official.


The Xbox Series S features next-gen performance in a tiny package. According to Microsoft, the console will be the smallest Xbox ever. Given that the Xbox One S is already pretty small, we can expect a truly compact design.

As far as the design goes, it looks a lot like its predecessor. The Series X is quite boxy and, more notably, black. The Series S seems to change very little, only adding a huge circular gritted ventilation hole while keeping the recently adopted white design. It’s quite strange though, how the Series X and S have a completely different color scheme and design.


Microsoft is the first to actually talk about the pricing of their next generation of consoles. The Xbox Series S costs as much as the Xbox One S. In other words, it’s insanely cheap for a next-gen experience. Remember, the One S came out a few years after the introduction of the next-gen Xbox One.

At $299,- the Series S is likely shipping without a disk drive. But you are getting a $60 controller with it. Let’s hope AA batteries are included.

Still a lot unknown

Still, a lot is unknown about the Xbox Series S. We can obviously expect a few downgrades for the cheaper console. But exactly which components of the console will get a cheaper variant, is unknown. In the announcement tweet, Microsoft says they will share more information soon. So stay tuned!

Image credit: Microsoft

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