Xbox Series X Price And Release Date Officially Revealed

This is not a drill, Microsoft has officially announced the price and release date for the Xbox Series X! After finally breaking the silence on the cheaper Xbox Series S yesterday, we now know what the flagship console is quite cheap and comes out sooner than expected. Here’s all the details.

Xbox Series X Price

In a tweet, the official Xbox channel finally announced the price and release date for the upcoming Series X and Series S. The Xbox Series X is going to go for $499. In other words, the ‘world’s most powerful console’ costs as much as the current best one, the One X. The smaller (and less powerful) Series S costs approximately $200 less.

Xbox All Access

Alternatively, Microsoft offers a payment plan called Xbox All Access. For $34.99 a month (2 year contract) you get a Xbox Series X and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass. The payment plan also applies to the Series S, but it only costs $299,- for the latter.

Fans can pre-order the consoles starting September 22.

Xbox Series X and S release date

Additionally, we now officially know when the next-gen console generation courtesy of Xbox is launching: November 10. Since the next generation of consoles was announced, we were always promised a holiday 2020 release window. Now, it’s highly likely Microsoft kicks off the next-gen on November 10th.

The ball is now in Sony’s court; Microsoft and Sony have been in a silent stalemate for well over half a year. With Microsoft finally breaking the silence, it’s up to Sony to either undercut Microsoft’s prices, or go over the $499 and risk a small internet riot.

Whichever takes place, we’ll keep you updated on Game and via Facebook!

Image credit: Microsoft

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