Xbox Launches Cloud Gaming For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

Xbox Cloud gaming has officially launched out of its beta testing period.  The new game streaming platform is currently only available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, on Windows PC, Android, and iOS. I was pretty excited to finally try it out, and I’ve gotta say, it works pretty damn well!

What this means for the Ultimate subscribers is that they can sign into their Xbox accounts from almost any device and play games from the huge list of (as of writing) 267 games, including Xbox Exclusive titles. Mobile gaming is about to take on a whole new meaning. So lets jump right into it.

How to use Xbox Cloud gaming on your device

All you need to start playing is a controller, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and a high-speed internet connection. Slower paced games do run a bit smoother than shooters, depending on your internet connection, but overall its a wonderful experience.

Android users do have a slight advantage currently with the Xbox Game Pass app. While the app is available on both Android and iOS app stores, the Android version allows you to play games through the Xbox-app itself.

For Apple and Windows users, head to, sign in to your Xbox account, follow the on screen instructions and dive right in!

Xbox games on your phone and PC

Microsoft has been pursuing a form of this kind of game streaming platform since at least 2019. Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Vice President of Gaming said this:

There are 2 billion people who play video games on the planet today. We’re not going to sell 2 billion consoles, many of those people don’t own a television; many have never owned a PC. For many people on the planet, the phone is their compute device. It’s really about reaching a customer wherever they are, on the devices that they have.



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