Mobile gaming makes up most of the gaming market and is still gaining ground. Even if you prefer a console or PC, gaming on the go might be something you enjoy doing once in a while. What if we told you that you can simply connect your controller to most modern smartphones? Here’s how to connect a PlayStation DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller to your Android smartphone or iPhone.

How to connect a PlayStation/Xbox controller to your smartphone

Pairing mode

Firstly, there’s two very important, if not obvious items to have: a smartphone and a wireless controller. Get your PlayStation DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller and make sure it is charged and turn it on.

  • For PlayStation DualShock 4: Hold down the PS Button and Share Button simultaneously until a white light starts flashing
  • For Xbox One controller: Hold down the Wireless Connect Button (left of the center on the front-facing side) until a white light starts flashing

Your controller is now in pairing mode. Any compatible smartphone is now able to detect the controller.

Selecting a Bluetooth device

Now for the smartphone side of the equation.

  • Simply go into your Android or iOS Settings
  • Go to Bluetooth and Turn On Bluetooth
  • Connect your smartphone to the controller by selecting either DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller or Xbox Wireless Controller from the list of available devices

And yeah, that’s basically it. Of course, many mobile games are optimized for touch controls. But you’d be surprised how many mobile games have controller support built in. Especially when playing shooters like Fortnite, connecting a controller to your smartphone can give you a huge advantage. Well, not Fortnite, because Epic Games got kicked out of the App Store… You get the point though.

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