Grand Theft Auto 6 or BioShock 4 – What’s Next From Take Two?

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick peaked many gamers’ interest recently when he hinted at multiple upcoming games for all of the company’s major franchises. That begs the question: which games are we getting and when will that be?

During the latest earnings call, Zelnick revealed that the parent company of Rockstar Games, 2K Games, and many others had a lot of exciting projects in the works. According to the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the publisher will be even more successful than they already are. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming, based on what Zelnick promises:

Take-Two has the strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP.

Grand Theft Auto 6

With that statement two ‘major franchises’ spring to mind. Take-Two and it’s subsidiaries have a lot of huge franchises under their belt. No franchise however is bigger than Grand Theft Auto. And we wouldn’t be speculating if we assumed the next Grand Theft Auto is being made. There have been multiple leaks suggesting Grand Theft Auto 6 is on it’s way.

grand theft auto 6

As reported by ExpressUK, Rockstar Games also put out job adverts for positions in the GTA development team. The ad reads “Join our team to create next-generation worlds for exciting upcoming projects. Sculpting, modelling and texturing terrain for next-gen game environments.” The words next-generation appear twice in two sentences, heavily suggesting that Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch on the next generations of consoles, slated to release sometime next year.

Furthermore, GTA V’s Steven Ogg a.k.a. Trevor also hinted at Grand Theft Auto 6 coming either next year or the year after. And let’s not forget, GTA is one of the most successful, well known and lucrative games franchises ever. GTA Online has just broken it’s own ‘consumer spending’ record two months in a row. So why not keep the ball (and cash) rolling when the new console generation hits? It’s been 6 years since GTA V originally launched!


But what about the other big franchises in Take-Two’s roster? More recently, similar to the GTA hints, a piece of crucial information surfaced (as spotted by LAD Bible). Rumours first emerged last year that publisher Take Two Interactive had established a ‘top secret’ studio at 2K Games to work on a new BioShock. That same studio posted a job advert looking for a “End Game Design Lead”.

The person the studio is looking for is supposed to craft a very interesting part of the mystery game. He/she is to “build a post-narrative set of systems, quests, and player progression that gives our fanatic fangirls and fanboys more content to experience on an ongoing, live-service basis.”



That reveals that – if an initial article by Kotaku is accurate – the new BioShock would be a live-service game. That means constant content updates after launch and quite possibly microtransactions embedded into the game. Yes, BioShock fans are justified in being excited for a sequel, but MTX never sounds awesome to begin with.

The beloved BioShock franchise hasn’t seen a new addition since the release of BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. The DLC, published by Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games, was supposedly the last installment in the franchise. But we will have to see!

Other games we could see

Whatever the case with BioShock and Grand Theft Auto 6, Take-Two Interactive has a lot of big franchises to grace with a new installment. The excellent slow motion shooter Max Payne springs to mind. The last game about the grumpy ex-cop was released in 2012! We’d sure like to see some more crazy dodges, dives and slides while we finish baddies in style.

We can’t rule out Mafia 4 either! Mafia 3 came out in 2016 and wasn’t received very well. Another go at the open world franchise might restore it’s former glory.

And of course the NBA and WWE-franchises are alive and kicking and we can expect a new installment every year.

There are many other possibilities for games that we could see out of some of the great studios under Take-Two. Whatever the case, we can be sure that whatever announcements coming down the pipeline will be exciting.

Be sure to let us know whether you think Grand Theft Auto 6 will be announced (and when) and if it will be before a new BioShock. We made a Facebook poll so be sure to leave your thoughts!

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